Monday, July 6, 2015

Down in Manasses

Hello hello hello!

Hey everyone!
 It's another pday! First of all I hope that you all enjoyed your Fourth of July! You all better have shot off some huge fireworks and had Roman candle and bottle rocket wars just for me! Especially you Shawn, Shane, and Matthew! So last Monday I was having a super super had time adjusting to my new area and lack of people to teach... I was so bummed. The struggle is real here in Virginia! Hahaha. I'm doing good now... when life hits you like that as a missionary its best to just work work work! And that's what we have been doing!  The words of president Hinkleys dad "forget yourself and go to work" it works! It's not easy at all but it works! Haha on Tuesday we had a lesson with this kid named Jordan (he is really cool). He is 19 years old and white with dread locks! He grew up catholic and it took me 45 minutes on the phone to convince him to have a lesson with him. He finally agreed so on Tuesday we went and taught him at the park  near our gym that he works at. He has a lot of deep doctrine question and a lot of questions about the nature of God! We did the scripture study out of the preach my gospel about the nature of God! Then we showed him the video "the hope of gods light" I encourage all of you to watch it.. It's a powerful video and a great story about a man named Todd Sylvester. He loved the video! We gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he would pray about it! I've been praying every day for him. On Wednesday we had district meetings and it was super super good we talked about accountability and the zone leaders and sister training leaders are in our district so we all just own! Haha it's a good time! That evening we went out to the country! And I'm talking about the Virginia country! I felt like,such an old school missionary walking down dirt roads and knocking these huge farms it was so much fun! The people are really nice out there! On Thursday we got to meet our new mission president!! His name is David Huntsman! He has 8 kids and they are such a great family holy cow I will miss president Riggs and his family but the Huntsman family is so great!:)  I really do look forward to getting to know the Huntsman family!  On Friday we did a lot of tracting and it was intense and we also weekly planned so that was a boring day but we got a lot of stuff done! For the 4th we had a district brunch it was a ton of fun! We had a bunch on pancakes and waffles and bacon.... we all just wanted to die we were so darn full! After our Brunch we went out as a district and drew the plan of salvation at several parks around our zone it was fun but I am just awful at drawing things... So I was pretty embarrassed! We went over to bishop Wightmans house for some fireworks! Here in Virginia people aren't allowed to shoot fireworks off the ground but nobody really cares... Hahah so there were tons of fireworks going off! People are so darn patriotic here! MERICA! The whole neighborhood was covered in a huge cloud of smoke it was that bad literally everyone was shooting off fireworks! We couldn't light them as missionaries but I was at least glad that I got to watch some sweet ones! And they were shooting some off in Manasses a few miles away so we could see those too! Yeah the 4th was pretty fun and bishop and his family are so awesome they remind me of my family haha so it's all good. I hope that the 4th was awesome for you all and I can't wait to go crazy with fireworks when I get off my mission! Still haven't had any luck getting back to jackies baptism but I know that things will workout and I'll make it there some way or another even if I have to walk there! Jackie sent me a Facebook message the other day talking about how she has read 2 Nephi 31 and has gained a true testimony on repentence. I was so happy to get a message like that! I'm so happy that she has made the decision to get baptized it's been a very spiritual experience for me although I'm not teaching her anymore I know that she is doing great and making the best decision of her life. Today I was reading out of Isaiah chapter one and I came across a scripture I had forgotten about! So it's Isaiah 1:18 

"18 Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."

I know that this is true and the lord is willing to forgive us all for anything that we have done!! 

So we just got back from a zone activity and we played volleyball out side for like 4 hours it was intense and I got sunburnt so darn badly!! Haha well I hope that you all have a great week!! I love and miss you all!!! 

Much love 

Elder Routsong 


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