Thursday, October 13, 2016

West Virginia Flood Relief Week

Hello hello!

How is everyone doing this wonderful fall week? It's starting to get a little windy and chilly here in Virginia. I'm pretty excited for this
fall and winter. Virginia is like the prettiest place during the fall.
This week was pretty fun! We had some good things happen! Last pday we went to DC! It was really cool! We went to see the Korean War memorial and the Vietnam memorial along with the US history museum. It was all things I haven't seen before so it was kind of refreshing. DC is a fun place to go but you are always so tired once you come back...that night we taught a few less actives and spent some time with them. Eric Murray and the esquivel family both of them are so cool.  Tuesday we had district meetings and I
taught about the importance of General conference and listening and believing the words of the prophets and apostles. It was cool we then had a little testimony meeting on what we learned from general conference! It was great! That afternoon we did some service for a Vietnamese lady our friend Hoa! She is cool. Barely speaks any English but is always so nice to us. I mowed the lawn with her super old lawn mower that's about to break. She is very grateful for our service. We visited a member in our ward going through a hard time and helped him with moving some stuff around in his house. Then we were going to
teach a less active family and they all were outside helping change a tire on their van. We helped them fix it up and look nice. They were very grateful as well. The pereira family is a great family I wish they would come to church... Wednesday was awesome! My aunt Jeanie and uncle Grant came to visit me! They took my comp and I out to Chilies!
It was nice to have some good ol Dalton humor that I haven't had in a year and a half. It made me miss the Daltons a lot! We talked and
talked! I really enjoyed it! They are very sweet people:) after their
visit we met with Abay the Indian dude. He is super cool just doesn't really understand our faith even though he is a we are reteaching him. He is convinced that he needs to go back to India to preach the gospel. So that's pretty cool... We then went out and did some street contacting with a member of our ward. Emmanuel is a cool guy just recently married. He helped us with our Spanish. We then met with the Reese family. We are trying to reactive them. Hopefully they come along. They are super funny and so nice. I've been praying a lot
for them...Thursday was transfers. My comp elder Benard and I are
staying together for another 6 weeks which is awesome! We are having a good time! A member took us and the Algonkian elders whom were transferring out to Ihop before transfer meeting. It was so much fun. Elder hild is a funny missionary and they moved him to the other side of the mission dangit! That night we had dinner with the decker family and brother decker is in charge of helping these West Virginia flood victims from back in June. So we traveled  around the area with him picking up furniture and moving it to the church. We were so tired by
the end of the night. Friday we week planned and helped brother decker
again with furniture. Saturday was the big flood event. We helped all morning picking up furniture and loading it into three big semi truck trailers. It took forever but it was so rewarding and so much fun. I also experienced a miracle while working for the flood victims... About a year ago my companion elder Blanchard and I taught a little girl by the name of Madison Phan. She is the daughter of a less active
family. Things weren't really going anywhere with them. As I was
walking into the church to go to the bathroom I noticed a baptismal
program. IT WAS MADISONS! Holy cow! I about died when I read it. My heart was filled with joy! I made sure to congratulate Madison and the Phan family. WOW! Saturday was such a rewarding day.
Sunday was just as good! Okay...Dave got confirmed a member and
received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Bishop then interviewed him for the priesthood. Dave came out of his office and said "well elder
Routsong would your confer the priesthood to me?"
I was speechless...the spirit was so strong the whole time at church.
After church we taught Dave and I could tell he was different. I saw a new light in his eyes..God is so loving and so good to us.
After Daves lesson we went and taught a young 24 year old man named Noah. He was hesitant to let us in. We taught him the restoration and the spirit filled the room... He said "I know this is the right way to live but I'm not sure what to do about it!" We invited him to be baptized if he knew it was true and he said YES! We will continue to work with him. Elder Benard and I were fasting for people to teach and God blessed us with Noah... God is so good!
This week was very blessed. Being a missionary is wonderful. We will make it to heaven if we keep trying! I love the words of elder Cornish this past conference

"The God of heaven is not a heartless referee looking for any excuse
to throw us out of the game. He is our perfectly loving Father, who
yearns more than anything else to have all of His children come back
home and live with Him as families forever. He truly gave His Only
Begotten Son that we might not perish but have everlasting life!"

Have a wonderful week!!
Elder Routsong

Dave and Conference

Hello hello

Wow what a weird week...spiritual highs and lows and happiness and sadness! Haha pretty much normal for missionaries I guess right?! This week was good. Just a roller coaster! Time is flying so fast! Monday was fun we went to president Huntsmans house and had a bbq and played some hardcore volleyball. It is always good being with President and Sister Huntsman. I love them so much and they teach me so much as well! After pday we tracted out in the rain for a couple hours and then we had a lesson/dinner with the Clark family. They are pretty sweet. They are less active and we are trying to help them so much!
This whole week has been Rainey and dark and junky hahaha. It's great!
Fall in Virginia! Tuesday we had district meeting and I talked about
the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it can answer ALL
questions! It's more than just A BOOK! it's the gateway to our
salvation! After district meeting we got together with the Algonkian elders and went to move this really creepy non member in Reston to the Algonkian Ward.  I don't even know where to begin with this guy. He was the most touchy guy I've ever met. He like grabbed my shoulders and crap. Then I was leaning up against the truck and he starts massaging my was SO FETCHING CREEPY! He comes up to me and elder hild and says "how old is your guys dads?" We were both like "uhhhhhh 52" then we said "well I'm about that age so today I will be your dad!" Then we started rubbing our shoulders. I hope I never see that guy ever again. Hahahahahaha. Wednesday my drivers
license expired so we gave the car to Algonkian for the day. It rained alllllll dayyyyyy I literally felt like I was in forest gump. We met with Abay and I was soaking wet. It was nasty. We had a good dinner that night though with a less active family who fed us super well.
Thursday was super cool. We had return and report. It was awesome. We got to spend time with President and Sister Huntsman. It was great!
After that I went on exchanges with elder prince in the Spanish
program I'll miss this kid he leaves next week. We had a lot of fun.
Friday we exchanged back and got prepared for Daves baptism! We nailed
out the program and went to buy him some ties. It was good. Saturday was Daves baptism!! Heck yeah! We watched general conference while filling the font. It was such a rewarding experience... I loved
hearing that water in the background while listening to the inspired
leaders of our church. Daves baptism was incredible. We love him so much...I was honored to baptize Dave. It was incredible..after he came up out of the water he immediately said a prayer to thank god...I wanted to cry. He said he felt clean! And he truly was... Words cannot describe the joy I felt on Saturday in the next sessions of conference. That night we ate at fudruckers with the Ward. Then hit up priesthood session. It was great! Sunday was a rough day. Fetching fudruckers got me and elder Benard poisoning to the max. I layed in bed all day wanting to die. The shenendoa sisters were kind enough to get us some Sprite. Sunday was horrible hahah but Dave
watched conference! This week was great! Love you all so much! I
rejoice in my heavenly fathers love! Have a wonderful week!
Elder Routsong

Sunday, October 2, 2016

18 months!

Friends and family,

Hello hello!! This week was pretty stinking awesome. We had a lot  of success! Sterling Virginia is the place to be fellas. Elder Benard and I have been doing our best work. We were basically like full time home teachers this week with the less active people in the Ward. But we got to visit with some pretty awesome people. Last pday was pretty awful hahah it rained all day and we were planning on going
to top golf :/ we just went to the mall and I bought some Volcom pants to work in. We also got a little bit of basketball and one ball dodgeball in. After pday we were super hungry so we slammed a bunch of Taco Bell then I realized I needed to go on a diet Hahahah. Monday night was good we got to visit a few people. Tuesday was kinda a
nightmare. Hahahaha so the entire day went good up until dinner. In the morning I taught district meeting about the importance of loving others and having Christlike charity! We then went to the office with
the zone leaders cause I had to send some stuff to my doctor. Elder Hild was telling stories about dates he had been on at BYU haha kid is hilarious. We call him Bobby light. We ate dinner at a Cambodian ladies house. Her name is Pibot and her husbands name is Paula. They
are super nice but never make the best food. We ate this dessert that was literally green beans, black beans, kidney beans, red beans, and some other bean mixed in coconut milk and hot tapioca pudding. Easily the nastiest thing I've ever eaten. I was sitting there eating it
and gagged at the table. I'm a wuss I know. But it was gross. It made me sick and her dinner I was up till late sick. Horrible evening. We also taught the Perreria family after that dinner. I was dying! Hahaha
Wednesday I stayed in while my comp and Algonkian went on splits so Elder Hild was with me. We had some good talks. After I started feeling better we went to falls church to help clean an apartment with the office elders. They also generously gave me a weight set ;) so I
can get back in shape! Yay! They night we went on splits with two members. I went with brother Jimenez and he is a total boss. He's my favorite member. Anyways we taught s less active lady named Vicky.
Vicky is very special. Her husband passed away 15 years ago and she hasn't been to church since. She welcomed us in and loved having us. Such a sweet lady! She looks at me and says "this is the first time
I've had a missionary in my home since 1990!" We got to know her and I shared with her some versus from 1 John chapter 4 about perfect love.
It was so good! :) Thursday we had a busy day too! We had a nice full study then my favorite member Ann Williamson took Elder Holdaway and I out to lunch for my late birthday! I love the and
dad they hopefully will be one of the first people you meet when you come here! She was talking about how the man she is renting her house out to is looking at sketchy stuff on the internet haha oh my gosh too
funny. You just have to meet them. After lunch we visited with our favorite guy Abay. He has this cool Siamese cat who's name is ackichi.
We read the scriptures with him and helped him understand. He's awesome. Then we went to visit with Eric. He is going through a tough spot. He is 40 and suffers from some mental illness and his mom is in the hospital. We made sure he was alright and had a lesson with
him. Eric is great. We hope he is doing good. Thursday I was so tired. I slept though dinner and then got back to work. Before returning home that night we stopped at firehouse and a less active member bought our
food. I was like yussss. We are going to start teaching her and her family now! How cool. Friday we weekly planned and then helped the
Spanish elders fix their car. We met with another less active member named Ed. He is a great guy. Mid single adult. We go and read the scriptures with him every week. We talked about the importance of personal revelation. There is s talk given in the September 1999
ensign. Check it out. Loved it. We also had a lesson and dinner and nerf war with the Clark family. They are less active and have their
struggles. I love them a lot. It was good meeting with them. Saturday we played soccer with our investigator almumy and helped brother Jimenez move some things out of his storage unit. We also taught this
inactive member who's name is Will. It was interesting...he opens the door and blows cigarette smoke at us Then we had a long talk about the
New Testament hahahahah. So weird. He is cool though. We woke Eric up to get to church and also Vicky came to
church for the first time in years! And Dave Marr was there! Dave had
his baptismal interview and passed! We taught him about the
priesthood. He is getting baptized this Saturday! He said "you guys knocked on my door in and my life did a 180!" Dave is
incredible...we ate dinner at a members house who had 8 kids. I felt like I was at your house Auntie Kristy! Hahaha we also found this guy
named Noah while tracting. We are meeting with him today and will probably pass him to the singles ward sister missionaries! This week
was awesome. We were basically full time home teachers. But it went
well! We did all we could do with cheer! I love my father in heaven
and my savior Jesus Christ. He has changed me some much these past 18 months of my life. I'm a new man. Love you all!
Elder  Routsong

Monday, September 19, 2016

Song of the Road

Friends and family!

Hey everyone! These weeks just fly so fast it seems. My mission is
getting faster and faster and I can't believe it. I'm so not ready to
be a normal person again haha. This week was really good for us here
in Sterling Virginia! We actually had a lot tosh we accomplished this
week! I have some exciting news I'll share later in the email :)
Monday of last week was super relaxing...just another nice day spent
at top golf :) I really love that place. My swing is getting good!
After pday we went to visit our member mike Jimenez. He is awesome.
Tuesday was district meetings and we had combined district meeting
with the leesburg district. It was a lot of fun! I presented about
faith and its role in our lives as members of the church. Without
faith we can't see or preform miracles for other people's salvation!
Without faith In Jesus Christ we cannot overcome our trails and
weakness. My good friend elder prince talked about divine potential.
It was really really good. After district meeting I went on exchanges
with elder hild. Haha he is fetching funny. We went and did some
service for this Vietnamese lady. Her house is crazy.
I mowed the lawn and moved a few things around in the yard while hild
just chilled on a lawn chair. I was ticked! Ha. Hoa feed us this weird
fruit. It tasted pretty good though. She was begging us to go to this
restaurant with her to eat this weird stuff called "FUH" hahaha no
clue what that is! That night my good friend Eder from the Langley
ward took is out for pupusas. Wednesday we taught this awesome lady
. She is so cool she reminds me of a few people I've
taught. She is a single mother of a two year old son named bastion.
They are from Haiti. Super smart lady. We taught her the plan of
salvation. She wasn't very open for us but when the lesson ended she
really seemed to open up. She loved studying about Joseph smith. That
afternoon we taught this less active guy from India.
he looks at me and says "your name means song of the road...."
Hahahaha he is a total homie. We love spending time with him.
Thursday we read the scriptures with the Esquivel family. They were so
excited to read with us actually which is a huge change. Friday we
went to the mission home for a district leader training meeting. All
the dls in the mission got instructed by president. It was super fun.
I learned a lot and it's always good spending time with president and
sister huntsman. I love them so much! :) we ate dinner with this less
active family. . They are awesome. Saturday we played soccer
and then drove out lovetsville Virginia to help with a big service
project. It's in the middle of nowhere near West Virginia. I loved
every minute of it. We also took Dave to a Spanish baptism in
leesburg. He loved it! Sunday we had to teach a surprise lesson in
Sunday school. It was great! The best news I have though is at the end
of our elder quorum lesson Dave Marr our investigator getting baptized
on the 1st turns to me and says "Elder Routsong I've prayed about it
and I want you to baptize me." I was shocked. I almost cried. I love
Dave so much. This week was incredible! Love you all have the best
Elder Routsong

IDK about you but I am feeling 22 September 12, 2016

Hello hello!!

Hey everyone! I hope that your past week went really really well! This
week was good but it went fast and slow at the same time ha I don't
know how that works but it happened. Life in Sterling Virginia is
pretty good though. I can't really complain all that much. We have
great people we are teaching! On Monday of last week we went and
played some insane dodgeball at the church. Honestly if you want a
really good workout just play some dodgeball. We were all dying after
we finished. After pday we went to one of my favorite places to go
here! We went to Marie's house to celebrate another missionaries
birthday. She is known as the "mission grandma" she is from Sierra
Leone and loves the missionaries! We love her too! She fed us some
good food. Tuesday we had zone training in the morning and the zone
leaders asked me to teach on obedience. I talked about the 3 reasons
why people are obedient 1. They love blessing 2. The fear God 3. They
love God. It was a pretty good talk then I showed a funny mission
video that was made a long time ago. I then went on exchanges with
elder Marshall. We tracted for hours and hours. We tracted into the
gamarra family in our Ward and they fed us and offered to take us to
lunch the next day for some silpancho (Bolivian dish) it's mega good.
Brother Boehl called us to give a blessing to his wife who had
shoulder surgery. Tuesday night was busy! Wednesday was a very good
day! It was my birthday! I can't believe that i turned 22. It blows my
mind... How did I get to this age? All of age 21 was spent as a
missionary. Pretty crazy huh? The gamarras met us for lunch and it was
fun then I went and bought myself a tie to celebrate. We exchanged
back and then went to dinner at Texas roadhouse with some
missionaries. It was a good time! Elder Benard and I visited some less
actives that night the Reese family and the Clarks. They are great
families just need a little help! Thursday we went and did more
finding and went home teaching with brother Jimenez. They lady we
wanted to teach is less active and was very very unhappy that we were
there. It was sad how rude she was to us..but that's life. We all can
make choices. Friday we weekly planned it so boring! But we have to do
it! That night we got a weird phone call asking if we could help set
up a wedding in the church. It was weird and they wanted us to come
the next day. Saturday was freaking sweet we taught Dave Marr lesson 4
the commandments. It was so spiritual! We love spending time with
Dave. We brought a member whom talked about tithing for like 2 hours
haha it was so long! His name is brother Mitchell and he is this
little old guy who loves talking haha we love him! After the lesson he
took us to firehouse subs for lunch. We went on a blitz with the
Algonkian elders and people were so mean to us holy crap it was
brutal. I really don't have a lot of patience for people at the door
step. I really really don't. We went to the wedding we set up the day
before. It was weird. We didn't know anybody at all. I gained a
testimony of temple marriages as well. Thank goodness. Haha that
wedding just was weird for me. I only want a temple marriage cause I
didn't feel the spirit at all at that wedding. Yeah it was weird.
Hahah anyways enough about marriage.  Sunday we had Dave Marr at
church and he stayed the whole time he's also been reading the Book of
Mormon and praying! I can't wait for his baptism! Ah i know he is
making the best decision he will ever make in his life feeling
completely clean after he comes out of the waters of baptism. Dave is
incredible to me. I look up to him so much. He has taught me so much
about life and the gospel. I feel like a completely different person
from before my mission. I feel the spirit! I see gods hands in my life
and in others! I feel so great! The mission is the easiest hard thing
you will ever do. I love the people of Virginia!  Thank you so much
mom and dad for the birthday packages! My favorite gift was my uvu
shirt hah! Have a great week!
Elder Routsong

Another Week September 5 206

Hello hello!

This week was pretty pretty good! We had a pretty good amount of
success! Today at church was quite possibly the weirdest elders quorum
lesson I've ever been a part of but everything works out! Last Monday
we went and played some football! There is a missionary that asked me
to help train him to play at BYU! Ha I only coached freshman football
so I mustered up all my football knowledge and tried to help him out a
little at the field. He worked out hard and it was fun coaching a
little bit again. I loved my time with the freshman football team I
hope to do it again one day. We had more elders there and we played
some touch football before coming back home and pday was over. I also
got a haircut  by some lady who couldn't speak English...I said I
wanted a 2 on my sides and to keep the top the same. I about cried
when she took a 2 and shaved my entire head...I was so upset. So now
I'm basically a skinhead. That's why you didn't get a picture from me
last week :/ That night we went out with brother Jimenez! He is
awesome! He took us out to this Tex mex place and we had a ball with
him! He is probably my favorite member in the Sterling park ward.
Tuesday we had district meeting and I taught about our zone goals as
missionaries. We read out of helaman chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon.
It talks about two great missionaries and their miracles. I invite you
all to read it. That afternoon we went and did some service for this
little Vietnamese lady who's name is Hoa. She is a sweet little lady.
Haha her yard needed some serious work though. It took me forever to
mow that darn thing cause the lawn mower was taking a serious beating
haha. Elder Benard got caught moving like 100 of these big brick
things to her back yard hahaha it was pretty funny. She speaks such
broken English ha it's so adorable. She fed us this nasty old
watermelon and I about threw up. So when she wasn't looking I chucked
it behind her shed Hahahah. After our service we had to skip dinner
and go to the church because there was a youth baptism that the Ward
threw on us last minute. We filled up,the font and set up all the
chairs and made it look nice. We had a lesson at the church with our
investigator almumy. He is from Sierra Leone he is a very quite kid
but we are hoping he will get baptized like the rest of his family.
Wednesday we had some district service and met with a family who's
daughter just returned from the ft Collins mission. It was nice
getting to talk about Colorado. Thursday was a pretty tough day for
me. We went on exchanges with the ashburn zone leaders. They are cool
but we had nothing planned. It was rushed. We had a lesson with Syd at
the mall with a member of our ward. Syd didn't understand the
importance of why he needed to come to our church although we
explained it over 100000 times. We won't be meeting with him anymore
and it really broke me down. It was a hard night for me. I hate when
people deny salvation and the path to Jesus Christ. People have agency
though and can chose to act or be acted upon. I guess that's the
beauty of the gospel and of the plan of salvation... Friday we weekly
planned and then went out to work. About 6 we get a call from a member
of my district and he says his comp isn't feeling good and he needs to
stay in. I stayed the rest of the evening at the apartment with this
missionary asleep. It was brutal. When he woke up he told me all his
rejection stories of when he was at BYU hahaha. Saturday we play
soccer in the morning with a ton of non members. It's a lot of fun and
we also have a  good amount of missionaries that come play. After
soccer we had a lesson with Dave Marr about the gospel of Jesus Christ
(lesson 3) he loved it! I know he can make his October 1 baptismal
date. He is a great man! That night when we were tracting a ton of
young people started yelling at us. There were all super wasted. I
just laughed at them cause they are losers. Sunday was
interesting...Dave came to church and we taught gospel principals and
it went very well! The frickin elders quorum lesson didn't go so well
though. They talked about a lot of deep doctrine such as kolob and
many aspects of the fall. Yep. It was the complete storm. I was
worried for Dave. He dim fine though. He's such a stud! This week was
good and they just keep flying faster and faster. I'm shocked that I
turn 22 this I'm old compared to everyone in this mission.
Pretty crazy. Im glad I got through my struggles to come on a mission
and be an instrument in gods hands! Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Routsong

Big Week In Sterling August 29, 20916

Friends and family.

This week was pretty intense. Lots of change! As many of you know I
hate change! But elder King got transferred and I am training a new
missionary. So crazy! It's been a very productive week though :) I've
been focusing a lot on how God works with me this week. I have a
testimony of the atonement that's for sure. He loves me so much and
can teach me so much just by sending me a green missionary. Amazing.
Monday of last week I was still with my boy elder King. We had fun
going into DC! We checked out the Lincoln memorial and the monument. A
couple missionaries we went with have never been to DC before so those
are usually the first two places ya visit. After those we went and
checked out the air and space museum. That evening we walked and tried
to talk to people we were so dead tired from our trip to DC. I got a
call that night from elder snow sayin that I will be training the new
missionary. I was honestly pretty nervous. Tuesday was district
meeting and we talked about the importance of bearing our testimonies
and it was great I felt really good after it:) we worked the afternoon
in the heat and then elder King wanted to make visits to people to say
goodbye. He got so close with many families here. He loved Sterling
park. Wednesday elder King packed up,his stuff and I went on splits
with the Spanish elders it was pretty nice. Our elders quorum
president took us to longhorn steakhouse to send elder King off. His
name is Paulo he is a total stud. Thursday was transfer day. Woke up
super early to go to the trainers meeting. Also, I've been out for 17
months and I am training when elder adair was training me. Pretty
cool. But I met my greenie. His name is elder Benard. He is a really
cool dude. From bountiful Utah and played baseball and football before
his mission. It's weird he graduated in 2016. Man I'm freaking old
compared to everyone else out here...he is going to be a really good
missionary. That night we went out tracting and he took his doors like
a champion. Did a lot better than me when I was a new missionary! We
did a lot of teaching that night. We taught a Hispanic lady named
Blanca the restoration. She isn't understand the need for the Book of
Mormon. We taught Syd and told him he needs to get baptized. He is
struggling understanding our purpose. Pray for him and then we had a
lesson with a less active family. They are so cool I showed them some
funny videos haha Friday was great hahahaha I feel bad but I pulled a
prank on elder Benard....we had dinner with some members in our ward.
They dressed up like Muslims and we taught them. They freaked out on
us and at the end tried to force us to drink fake vodka hahahaha elder
Benard was nervous but he did a great job I'm glad he isn't mad at me
for it haha the arraya family is my favorite family in the ward. They
fed us a Bolivian dish called silpancha. So good. That night elder
Benard and I had nothing to do with our last 20 minutes before heading
home. We prayed and asked for a teaching opportunity and found a lady
sitting outside! Her name was Terry and we taught he about the Book of
Mormon. What a great experience! God answered our prayer. Saturday we
played soccer in the morning with our investigator almumy. We also had
a lesson with Dave Marr. This lesson with Dave was incredible! He has
struggled with addiction and lack of belonging and peace. We invited
him to be baptized on October the 1st and he accepted. I was so happy
I actually had some tears in my eyes.. Dave has struggled for too long
and he is finally repenting and accessing the atonement of Jesus
Christ. I love Dave. We also read the Book of Mormon with Eric and
then with the esquivels. They are both awesome we read 1 Nephi chapter
8 with Danny esquivel. Probably my favorite chapter of the Book of
Mormon. Sunday Dave came to church and loved it! People were very nice
to him and he is starting to give up coffee and alcohol. So cool. We
taught his Spanish guy named Francisco and he could really understand
us Hahahah we couldn't pass up the opportunity to teach though from
tracting! We also had a lesson with brief Rivera and his kids. They
are funny. They love Pokemon go. Wow this week we worked so dang hard.
And taught so much. I'm so grateful for this week. It was awesome for
elder Benard and I am grateful to be his trainer and to learn from
him. I love this gospel and I love teaching the gospel to those who
cannot find it on their own. Christ is my best friend and I know he
loves me. Have s wonderful week everyone! There is so much more that
happened this week but I've already written a novel Haha love you!
elder Routsong