Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Two Years of Awkward Experiences......

Hello hello! How is everyone doing this week!? I hope that all is well with everyone and life back at home is going great! So on Monday last week after pday we went out and did some solid tracting in the ghetto and found 3 new investigators so that was pretty awesome!! We had a great time with the people there they were so friendly to us! Tuesday was also a pretty exciting day as well! We had interviews with president huntsman! It was such a great experience! He said that he is glad to have me around for the long haul and I will do good things for this mission... I am certainly trying my hardest to be the best missionary that I can be! He said that president Riggs told him good things about me so that's always nice to be on the right page with the new mission president! I am so excited to have the Huntsmans around they are so amazing! Oh! One thing scary he hinted at was me training in the near future! That's so scary! So yeah after interviews on Tuesday we spent most of the day just trying to visit less actives and recent converts. That night we went  to visit one of our investigators named Kingsley! He let us in and we talked for awhile! Ha while we were talking he turned on the mlb all star game and offered us some rather inappropriate drinks hahaha after we told him we don't drink he was like "okay but I'm going to!!" So word of wisdom will be a fun lesson hahahah. He told us the last time we met with him that he was sleeping on the floor  without any blankets or pillows and has been looking for a mattress but they are all just too expensive!  We had to help him out! So we brought him a mattress a member of our ward gave us and bought him some sheets and a pillow. We brought it to him on Tuesday night after we shoved it all into our little Toyota Corolla hah! We knocked on the door and he started to tear up he was so grateful for the mattress! I was so happy that we were able to help him out! I am grateful for Kingsley and we were so happy that we got to serve him! After we left from the apartment we walked outside and walked to where our car was. It was gone... I ran up to a lady that was just getting home and asked her if she had seen a blue Toyota getting towed away. She said yes... It was 9 at night and we had no car to get home. So we spent the next 2 hours walking home. I'm not sure how long we walked for but it was quite a while! Hahaha we were so exhausted by the time we got home we just passed out on our beds!Tuesday was a full day!! Wednesday was less exciting but it was still pretty great! That morning after studies we asked the zone leaders to come and help us get our car back. So mom I'm really sorry but I had to spend $60 getting the car back Elder Lee and I split the cost...sorry momma:(  once we got the car back one of our less active and recent converts called us to have lunch with him! It was great we talked for a good long time and taught him a couple principals it was really great!  That evening we were tracting a pretty nice neighborhood and Elder Lee got bit by this huge dog hahahaha holy cow it was so funny it totally just bit the crap out of him! It was intense he was bleeding! So that was the highlight of Wednesday haha. On Thursday we had some conference and I got to hangout with Elder King the whole day so it was pretty fun! I miss being Elder Kings companion he is such a stud! After some conference we went to chick fil a and I got to chill with Elder King some more! After lunch we drove up to Vienna and I saw a chiropractor and he totally worked me over! My back is still having problems but it was pretty fun getting my neck popped and stuff. The chiropractor wants to see me again this week so Itll be interesting! But he adjusts missionaries for free so that's awesome! We also found a new investigator named James and he is an atheist so we are going to go teach him the restoration this Thursday! I'm pretty pumped about it! I also had the opportunity to give sister Williams( a recent convert and less active member and new move in to the ward.) a priesthood blessing. She has come down with a bad staff infection of the blood and he Daughter is in the hospital after a major car crash in not the best condition. I was so nervous to give her a blessing but it was such a powerful experience!!! She was so grateful for the blessing and she told us that her daughter was released for the hospital the very next morning after the blessing. I was speechless... I felt the spirit so strongly and I am grateful that her family is okay now. I love being a missionary! On Saturday I had one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life... It was pretty darn bad. We went that morning to correlate with bishop about our work in the area and after he wanted is to Come and help with a move so we said yes of course! We were still in our missionary clothes though... We got to the move and it was going great! All of the sudden I was squatting down to pick up a box and my pants ripped... So yeah that was awkward I spent the next hour standing against a wall hahaha well something I've been told is the mission is just two years of awkward experience hahahaha it's all good!! This Sunday was pretty good we went to church and did some tracting we didn't find anybody but we had some good conversations about the gospel at people's doors so that's always a win! I am a firm believer in planting the seed with people so when they are receptive to missionaries they will remember how nice we were to them! During church we went over a pretty cool talk I would like you all to read called the "first great commandment" by Elder Wirthlin! It is such a great talk! It tells us that we need to demonstrate Christlike love all the time no matter how people treat us or what the situation is!! This week was great! I hope that you all have a great and wonderful week you are all in my prayers!! Love you all!!

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