Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hello hello!!

Everyone! This week has been straight crazy. And yes I am writing on a pday! I am so nervous! But I'll tell you why a little later in this letter!! I hope all is well back at home and everyone is enjoying life and having fun with their last little bits and pieces of summer break! Haha! Aunt Kristy how are the kids adjusting to school? Wow can't believe that they started already! That's awful! Yeah so after preparation day last week we really hit the ground running! That night was pretty crazy from about 6-9 I didn't stop raining! It was pouring on us so hard! Luckily we remembered out umbrellas! It was a stroke of luck! That night we went with Brother Smith to teach Kingsley! He is such a stud! He asks the best questions and gets really in depth! He is a thinker for sure!!! That Wednesday we had district meetings and it was pretty good we didn't do much other than tract and visit a few potentials and that was it. We also met with a member from our ward who has been bedridden since February with some sort of cancer. It was really sad that he has been sick for this long but it seems like he is doing a lot better than how he was a few months ago. Holy cow everyone I hit my 4 and a half month mark this past Saturday isn't that crazy!? Yeah it's crazy! On Thursday we worked pretty hard! We had appointments fall through so we spend most of the day trying to find people to teach! We had an appointment with one of our investigators that afternoon but he wasn't home! Ugh he forgot to tell us he got called into work! Lame! I was pretty bummed out. That night we took a recent convert Brother Sontos over to meet with Kingsley. We have been teaching him about the plan of salvation and Kingsley has been having many questions about it! We read with him out of the 40th chapter of Alma and he seems to understand now! I mean who says it better than the prophet Alma?! Hahah it's great!! That Friday was a very interesting day... Holy cow we ran out of miles in our car and we had to walk out huge area!! We didn't go more than a hundred yards without somebody seeing us and giving us a ride! The moment we left our apartment  a member from the Gainesville ward gave us a ride to our appointment which fell through. So we went to dinner and I didn't eat cause I wasn't feeling good and yeah... After dinner we started walking down this really sketchy highway 28. A member from the Fredericksburg stake picked us up and drove us to another appointment! Which fell through...dangit! We tracted for an hour then walked back for an hour. This random lady saw us walking and went to chick fil a and bought us dinner and drove it to us while we were walking back!!! It was a tender mercy! Her name is Rose and she said "I'm not a member of your church but you all look tired!! Here is some dinner!" Haha it was pretty awesome! After we ate I had a conversation with a kid about the gospel and about video games cause he recently got hired at GameStop... I was basically killing myself haha there is some cool games coming out! On Saturday we helped a lady move in to her new town home. She isn't a member but we had to pass her to the sisters cause she isn't in our area. She is a golden investigator too... Dangit!  Sunday and Monday were pretty typical days and very boring! We just worked! Today we had the opportunity to go to the DC temple with one of my favorite families ever! The Renfros they are super super awesome! I love them to death! They took us to five guys after and we all had huge hamburgers! It was a good day! This evening we are meeting with Kingsley! I'm pretty excited about that! But anyways to the craziest and best part of my letter this week... I got a call from Elder Adair  (my last companion) he is now an assistant to the president! He told me..................that I am going to train and become the new district leader and there is a chance that I will leave vint hill. WHAT THE HECK! I'm so not ready for this... But I know it what the Lord wants me to do! I will try my best! Anyways that's it! Have a great week everyone!! LOVE YOU!!

Elder Routsong 

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