Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Good Week!

Hey hey!!

Hope all is going well back at the casa!! I'm doing great! It's been a pretty interesting week! Lots and lots of stuff happened! We worked super super hard too!! After pday last week we just went home and worked through the night! We taught the Williams family and they are just super super awesome! I love them! On Tuesday we spent a lot of the day cleaning but in the afternoon we went and helped a nice family named Pratts! They are sweet family they're both in their 80s and Brother Pratt has a really hunchback it's like the hunchback of Notre Dame. Sister Pratt is legally blind so she can't really see anything. It was a really fun time though we moved like two tables and all the furniture that went with it and also the hallways in her house were really small. She lives in an old folks community and it was really strange to go inside and feel like I was in a horror movie. We spent a lot of time cleaning.... mostly the bathroom because the last missionaries that were before me really messed it up and it was kind of gross and we both got tired of looking at grossness in the bathroom. It got so bad that we had to plunge our sink. What a mess! This past Wednesday I woke up and I was really sick. It felt like I had strep throat I was sweating really bad and my throat and my head hurt. I really felt like my whole body was going to explode like a grenade! During that morning I taught my first district meeting! It was really great! I really enjoyed it but I was sick so I'm pretty sure none of my district new single thing that I was trying to tell them. I'm pretty sure none of them received any sort of spiritual revelation. They were just sitting there watching me sweat bullets and talk with my really sick voice... it was terrible! After district meetings I went and got some medicine from 7-Eleven mostly just cough drops and a Slurpee…that afternoon I was feeling really sick still we went to this neighborhood pretty far away we walked there and we tracked it in the hot sun it was really humid I thought I was going to die but we were OK in the end. Elder Snow is a stud and he got us like four return appointments throughout the course of this week he's awesome!.Thursday was a pretty good today that morning we woke up and we went to the gym it was a lot of fun got a good lifted. After the studies we had we went to a leadership meeting over at the Sudley building. We talked about a cool find fest that we're going to do next week. It should go from about noon to 9 PM what a long day that will be! After our leadership meeting we went and we did Some district service over at a members house in Manassas. We spent a lot of time pulling and picking weeds and fixing the hedges in the front yard. I got to spend a lot of time with Elder Jones! He's a really nice guy we talked about football for like three hours. Turns out he played football and he's from the Idaho he is such an awesome Elder I'm so glad we have great zone leaders! it was pretty funny that evening we went over to brother Mcgloughlin's house and he showed us pictures of the trip that he took up in Canada. He went to go see some beluga whales. He showed us pictures and talked about his trip for the whole hour that we were there. It looks like a fun trip though I'm really glad because he deserves a nice time!!on Friday we helped out brother Sorenson. He is a less active member of the church and he's moving to Idaho. He picked us up at his house and we help him remove carpet and pull out staples from the wood in the floor! It's like a long time but we were really glad to help him because he's such a nice guy and he always talks about how much fun he had in his mission! I love having people talk about their missions when they're less active so we can get excited about church again! After packing up the carpet in his truck he drove us to this dump! Turns out it was outside of the mission.....I was so ticked! Haha I didn't know though!! I repented!! That evening we taught one of the people that we have been working with over the last month or so! His name is Robert and he is about my age! We committed him to read the Book of Mormon again and he is actually pretty excited about it! He has had a lot of experience with many churches but claims atheism! I think we will change that!!! He said that our church is something that he wants to investigate further! I'm pumped!!!! That Friday morning we had studies and then this guy named kelvin called us and asked us if we wanted his bowflex! I said YES! So yeah now we have this huge bowflex in our takes up a lot of space! But Elder Snow and I are going to get HUGE!! It was really hard to weekly plan that day cause I just wanted to go workout on the bowflex!! Haha! Sunday was a great day we had fun at church and ward council! That evening we got invited to a birthday party of a kid named Saddiq he and his mom aren't members but they were at a member house called the Kemavors! Brother Kemavor made this Ghanaian's just called stew. It was a bunch of rice and chicken with the bones in it and also the livers of the was actually mighty good!!! It was a great time!  It was  a good week! Unfortunately no funny stories... It stinks! Just hard work!! Have s great week yall!!!
Much love,
Elder Routsong 

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