Sunday, August 2, 2015

Another Week!

Friends and family,

Hey hey! Another week down! (Wait what!? I'm writing you all on a Tuesday!? Man I must be a pile missionary. Haha just kidding I we switched pday this week to Tuesday!) this week has been pretty good! So after pday last week we went our tracting! We found not one...but two families who are interested in the gospel! Pretty sweet huh? We will be going back to teach them this upcoming week! It was a great experience! We also had dinner with a pretty sweet family from our ward the Youngs they are pretty awesome! We talked about sports the whole dinner hahah I loved every minute of it! Tuesday was a pretty crazy day! We spent the whole morning cleaning our car and our apartment it was super gross blah and if my place is gross and messy I just don't work well so we clean up the whole place so it's all good now! That afternoon we went out to do some street contacting. It was so hot... Holy cow I thought that I was going to die! It was intense! Easily the hottest I have ever been on my mission! We weren't having a lot of luck contacting people cause there was nobody walking down the road IT WAS SO HOT! So we decided to go see some potentials...they weren't home. That evening we had dinner at a family in our ward named the Riddles they lived in Tiffany's mission boundaries in Tennessee! They were super super cool but they didn't know sister Frederick! Oh well. After dinner we came home and called up our investigator Kingsley to come to a baptism! The Haymarket sisters were having a baptism! His name is Blaise and he is from the Congo he is easily one of the freshest guys I've ever met in my life... Dudes got class. But actually Elder Lee and I had the opportunity to teach Blaise along with the sisters. We teach him almost every week in our Gospel principals class because he comes to our ward but he lives in the Haymarket ward boundaries! He is so spiritual I love Blaise! Anyways Kingsley didn't show up the to baptism... But it was such a great experience to see Blaise get baptized. Wow I haven't felt the spirit that strongly since Jackies baptism! I love convert baptisms!!!!!! On Wednesday we had district meetings and we read Alma chapter 36 which is one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon because Alma the younger tells Helaman about his conversion! Gosh darn it is such a great chapter! I love verse 27... 

27 "And I have been supported under trials and troubles of every kind, yea, and in all manner of afflictions; yea, God has delivered me from prison, and from bonds, and from death; yea, and I do put my trust in him, and he will still deliver me."

The final sentence in it really sticks out to me!! It's that simple!! There is so much power to me in that sentence!

On Thursday we had a pretty interesting day. It was actually a pretty hard day for me. We had weekly planning and that is always a challenge to stay concentrated! After that we drove up to Vienna to a chiropractor and he adjusted my back which was brutal. But I'm doing okay now ha. That evening we went back to do some tracting and people were just not having anything of what we wanted to say. But I was still very very excited and positive cause we had an appointment with a man named James! We show up to his home and he wasn't there. As I was backing out the car James walked by so we got out to talk to him. We talked for about half an hour about a lot of things. I asked him if he had been reading the Book of Mormon and he said no. I asked if he had been praying and he said no. Finally he told me that he had been looking at many churches for his whole life and he expressed that he feels that God doesn't care and he has no faith. I assured him that God does care and he needs to build faith and to read Alma chapter 32. He told me not to come back...I was devastated. He wasn't even willing to give reading and praying a chance. He held the ultimate source of knowledge and truth in his hands and he didn't read it. My stomach hurt so badly the car ride home. I've been praying for him every night to just pick up the Book of Mormon and read it. I know if he does he will understand.

Friday was a good turn around for me we spent the day mostly finishing up our weekly plan and preparing lessons for investigators. Then that night we went on a big zone blitz! The entire zone blitzed the zone leaders area hahah that was pretty funny everyone was pretty mad about that. But I didn't care because I got to tract with my old pal Elder King! That guy is such a stud! We tracted for about two hours together and talked about the Mtc and just goofed. We knocked on this one guys house and he was crazy. He has been with the scouts for 50 years and we told him about the church and all he said was "I know everything there is to know about you Mormons! But I love you guys!" Haha he took us on a tour of his home but Elder King and I thought the whole time that he was going to pull out his shotgun and shoot us but he didn't haha yeah Friday was good!

Saturday was a pretty busy day for us we spent the whole day teaching lessons! Brother Alvarado took us to chipotle for lunch cause he is a stud! For sure going to visit him after the mission mom and dad! Anyways, after lunch we had appointments basically for the rest of the day. We taught a lady named Rena then we taught a less active named Solomon about the nature of God then we worked straight through dinner and taught a young man named Robert who also claims to be an atheist! We had a sweet lesson with him! We were In the middle of teaching him the restoration when his mom and sister came downstairs. They were pretty wierded out by us haha it was funny but I introduced myself to his mom and she was friendly! We committed Robert to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and he said "okay come back in two weeks and I'll have read the whole book by then!" Isn't that SICK!? Alright! And to finish off the night we taught Kingsley about baptism! He said he is interested in being baptized! SICK! We will put him on date soon!  

On Sunday we had a pretty average day Kingsley actually came to church and he loved every second of it! He is out of town this weekend but he will come the week after that! I'm pumped!! 

On Monday we had a big zone service activity! That's why pday is switched to today! We went over to a lady in the Manasses 2nd ward who is pretty old and can't do things for herself! We had around 80 people there helping fix things up! Our whole zone and then several young men and members from the manasses 2 ward. It was so much fun! We worked from 9 a.m. To 3p.m. So basically all day long! We painted a whole barn, cleared out weeds, mulched, cut down trees and a lot more! It was a fun time! I got so dirty and sweaty and covered in paint ha it was a good days work! Pretty much our whole zone had ticks somewhere on them hahaha! Oh! Haha Elder King and I were clearing out vines and stuff and we accidentally cut down this lady's super nice rose bush...she came out and started to cry saying that it was such a nice bush...I felt terrible and Elder King was just laughing hahahah oh my goodness two years of awkward experiences...

Anyways that was my week! It wasn't too bad! I miss life back at home a lot and I miss you all very very much I think about you all every single day! But the mission is a great experience! Have a great week!
Elder Routsong 


These pictures of from the Air and space museum by the Dulles airport.

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