Thursday, October 15, 2015

A good week!

Friends and family!

How is everyone doing this week!? First things first...WELCOME HOME KARI! I hope that you and the family are enjoying your trip in Bolivia! Don't get stolen and don't get sick! Oh! And also, don't let anyone put anything gross on dads shoes hahahah. This week...has been straight crazy. So Monday was a pretty darn interesting day. I know that my mom will not like this story I'm about to tell but I'll tell it anyways cause it was cool. On Monday we were playing football with the elders of the zone. It was going great and we were all having fun. Until I dove to tag Elder Haddon.... Hahaha when I dove to tag him I'm got the back part of his plastic cleat to my nose and mouth. Straight terrible. I don't think I have bled so much in my entire 21 years on this earth. It was bad. Hahaha the first thing that came through my mind when I was on the ground dying was the thought...we have interviews with president tomorrow.....DANGIT! So we went home and I iced my kicked in face for the rest of the day. Finally I called sister Ito (the mission nurse) and she sent me to the nearest urgent care. It was terrible for some reason there the doctor was treating me like a 6 year old. Haha here I am with a busted face wearing a little bib..pretty funny right? I have pictures. But it was cool because they took X-rays of my nose and such and it turns out that I have a slight fracture at the bottom part of my nose! So my lip and face have been pretty swollen since Monday! Hahahah yeah it's been interesting. So I learned not to dive while playing touch football. Pretty awesome story right? I thought so. That night I went to bed right at 9 haha. Then we woke up for interviews on Tuesday! President walks in and right up to me and says "Elder Routsong I heard you had a little bit of an accident yesterday!" Haha he actually thought it was pretty funny! That was good! But my interview with president was so awesome!!! We talked about how I was doing for most of the interview and I told him that I was stressed being a new and young zone leader. He said "I know I am pushing you! But I know you can handle it!" It was pretty awesome! President Huntsman is truly inspired and I am so grateful that he is my mission president! Every time I am around him I always learn something new! And interviews are like the best things In the mission. The rest of this week has been pretty good on Wednesday we didn't really get alot done because all of our appointments cancelled on us... I think we had like 7 appointments cancel on us this week! Pretty crazy. Thursday we went on exchanges with the Centerville 2 elders! We also had Mlc (missionary leadership council) it was crazy. I didn't say a word the whole time cause there was so much going on! Most of it went right over my head so I have a lot to learn! The mission is really good at teaching people to be humble! Haha  Elder Elya came to tall cedars with me! Turns our he is from Parker Colorado!! We spent the rest of the night talking about how much we love Colorado and how it is the best state ever! It was great! Before that we taught a less active family and we read 1 Nephi 17 with them and they drew pictures with them it was a great lesson! Friday we had another couple lessons fall through and everyone was freaking out about the apparent hurricane that was over the Bahamas. We actually got a lot of hard rain! I think it rained continually from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning! So that was pretty cool! As we all know that conference was this week Elder Blanchard and I spent the whole Saturday and Sunday watching conference! Now...for a missionary general conference is like the super bowl. People made us so many snacks and gave us so much candy it was crazy. So we are pretty wrecked right now. But I have to say that I am way excited to hear more from Elder Renlund! He is amazing and I am really glad that he was called to be an apostle! Anyways yeah that was my crazy and fun week! I hope that you all are doing great and stay happy! Have a great week! KARI don't get mom and dad killed In the ghetto of Bolivia!! Love you!!

Elder Routsong 

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