Sunday, October 25, 2015

Great Week!

Friends and family,

Hello hello! Another week down I guess!! This week was pretty interesting haha. Oh yeah so a lot a lot happened!! So for pday last week we had nerf wars as a zone it was so much fun!! Holy cow! We played this really cool zombie game and it was just intense! Yeah we
had a good week this week too! On Monday night we got into this huge bash with one of our investigators and our ward mission leader. It was great:) on Tuesday we had district meetings and then I went on exchanges with Elder Franco over in the Belmont ridge Ward. Here is a
cool fact. The Belmont ridge Ward is the smallest Ward east of the Mississippi River. Pretty awesome huh?! Yeah we had good fun and the belmont area is a bike area and we found some super sick people we found
this guy named Justin and also Omar. They are really prepared.... holy cow
so hopefully they will come to church! Wednesday was actually a pretty sweet day! We organized some zone service and we were out around the centerville area and just clearing brush and trees off of this guys
property. He gave us some machetes! They were so fun to use I felt like that guy off of Tarzan hahaha. I was swinging it like a mad man!
After we had zone service which went until 3 in the afternoon
we went to the mission office to get supplies for the zone. I love going to the office cause you can hangout with the senior couples and maybe see president and the other zone leaders:) it's the best but it
takes a while to drive from ashburn to Burke. I love being a's the best experience I've ever had. Anyways Thursday was a fun day because I got to go on exchanges again with Elder Gonzalez. He is a stud. He is a Spanish missionary so he had no idea
what was going on in the English program haha he was so scared to talk
to white people. I got a real kick out of it! It was cool to spend the day with him. It's weird though... Every time I go on exchanges all of our appointments fall through...I think that the Lord wants me to go
find more...hahah I really like finding though so that's cool with me! So Friday was a pretty good day though we had leadership meeting where we train the district leaders then we had lunch with the assistants! But before all that I dared my companion Elder Blanchard to eat 36 cups of snack pack he only ate 14 hahahahahaha he threw up
so badly hahahahahaha oh my goodness. But that night we taught Christopher Fuentes he is the 9 year old we have been working with. He is so freaking smart! He taught us the whole,gospel of Jesus Christ
lesson. Heck yeah! He wants to be baptized but his mom won't let him until he knows we will work with her too! Saturday was the best day of this week by far though...we had a zone wide finding fest.
At 10 in the morning we gathered the zone and Elder Blanchard and I
made a trophy with a football on it. And we presented it to them! It
was so sick!!! I have a picture of it! We saw so many miracles that day. It was so awesome. The sisters so knocked into somebody in ourarea and she wants to get baptized!! Heck yeah! We found 23 new
investigators as a zone:) so we are pretty happy it was good for everyone. Okay...this is where my letter gets good....Elder Blanchard
(my companion) got a call from President Huntsman.....he is the new ap! He had all day to pack. We dropped him off at the office so now he is gone :/ I miss him already. But I had the Belmont ridge
elders with me and I drove to Alexandria to go visit my recent convert JACKIE!!! She is so awesome!!! Holy cow!! And then after that I picked up my new companion Elder Holdaway! He is so sick! We are getting along great! It's been a good week! Hope everything is going well back
home! Miss you all!!
Elder Routsong

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