Wednesday, September 30, 2015

6 Month's down


Hello hello! How is everyone doing this wonderful week? I'm doing pretty good. I really can't believe that I have already been gone for 6 months though... That's pretty crazy. This week has been a little rocky for us! We have been working hard it's just that all of our really good appointments cancelled on us! Dangit! We have been tracting  a whole lot and meeting some pretty interesting people hahahah so being a zone leader is pretty stressful haha it's probably been one of the most humbling experiences of my life. I really have no clue what I'm doing...haha but that's how life is! I'm really glad that I get to do what I am doing:) so I'll jump in to this week! First off Elder this guy! He is a great missionary and is teaching me a lot. Monday we played dodgeball and basketball it was really fun we had like 40 elders there and we were just wrecking each other!! That night after pday we met the Williamsons a less active family..holy crud they are so funny! We were talking to sister Williamson about the tree of life and she goes off on politics and when brother Williamson asks her what religion Bill Clinton was....she turns to him and yells...A PERVERT!! Hahahaha after that lesson we have been working with an eternigator ( somebody who has been investigating the church for a long time) his name is Ernesto and he knows his bible very very well... Holy cow. He is really great though. He has highlighted the Book of Mormon all over the place he is great and I hope that he makes the decision to get baptized because he would make such an awesome gospel doctrine teacher... Seriously. On Tuesday we had district meetings and it was nice to not have to prepare anything cause I'm not a district leader anymore! Yussss. Elder Strawn is our district leader and he does a super awesome job! That night we had all of our lessons fall through so we called President Huntsman and asked if we could play basketball at the church with our elder quorum cause they bring like 4 non members... And president said yes! It was awesome playing some old man church basketball! And yes...old man strength exists... Holy cow it's awesome! On Wednesday we taught this little girl preparing for baptism in January. The Phans! They are awesome! On Thursday we had a leadership meeting and we taught the district leaders about key indicators and it was a good training we also planned our zone activity and finding fury! It was awesome! That evening we taught a Anmol and Indu the restoration and they seemed to like eternal families! They are awesome and some of the most humble people I've ever met! They are awesome! Friday and Saturday were both pretty hard days where we had nothing going on cause appointments fell through it was terrible! On the bright side Friday was officially my 6 month mark from leaving's kinda crazy how fast that it's going. Wow! Sunday was good I felt like in church the messages were all for me. And I figured out my favorite book in the Book of Mormon. Enos... That's my favorite! I love his experience that he has with the atonement! Gah it was just a great sacrament meeting. That afternoon we taught Morgan Thompson she is awesome. Holy cow her parents hate religion and just don't want anything to do with it. Morgan just graduated high school and is looking for answers...get this...she has been helping a lady in our Ward teach primary for 2 months. She shows up every Sunday to church at least 15 minutes early. Seriously what 18  year old girl goes to church 15 minutes early. She is prepared. We taught her the restoration and she is thinking about being baptized! That evening we found this awesome guy who isn't interested at all. His name is Jerry. Dude is hilarious we talked to him at his door for like half an hour. He was complaining about gay marriage and turns to us and says " homie ain't gonna do that!!" Haha it was so funny! Then he was talking about the Catholic Church and how much he hates it and Elder Blanchard are just sitting there like uhhhhhhhh. Haha finally he steps up to me and shakes my hand and says " my name is Jerry AND DONT YOU EVER FORGET IT!!" Hahahaha dude was crazy! He was an old guy with a handle bar mustache. Seriously the best part of the week was that dude.. Total bro. Hahaha  anyways that's my week! Love you all thanks for being so awesome!!! Have a great week!! I miss you all!!
Elder Routsong 
Picture...... burning tie tradition.... burn a tie after 6 months..... sorry mom

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