Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tall Cedars Madness!

Hey hey!!

How is everyone doing this wonderful week!? This week has been pretty
good! It wasn't the best key indicators wise but it's all good! So in
last week's letter I totally forgot to tell you about my new companion.
He is a bro. Elder Holdaway he is from Pleasant Grove Utah. Only my
second companion from Utah! He is seriously the man. We get along so
well he likes all the stuff that I like so we are doing really good!
I'm glad! He is 20 and has been out a little under a year and also is
half Filipino and half white he is also in a bullying Mormon message
so that's pretty cool!  So on Sunday night we got fed some under cooked I got food poisoning...I'm getting wrecked out here!
Gah! So I was sick till Wednesday but I didn't let it stop me!! Monday
we went to the city and then had a lesson with the Williamsons they
are sweet! We just teach them the new member lessons so that they can
feel the spirit cause Ronnie is struggling! So it's always nice to get
over there and help them out! Tuesday was a pretty rough day. I spent
a good amount of the day in bed because of food poisoning and I was on
an exchange with a missionary who is struggling. I really love the guy
and he wants to do right thing. That evening we were really struggling
I was sick and he was depressed. Oh gosh it was hard and all of the
appointments we had cancelled so we were finding and getting wrecked!
But the very last door we knocked we found a family from Ghana! They
are so humble and so nice it made our day! We are going to go back and
teach them this week! When we got home that night I quickly went to
bed! Wednesday I was still sick so I was out that morning and
afternoon but that evening we had the chance to teach Morgan the plan
of salvation and she loved it! It was one of the best lessons I've
taught so far on my mission! And her fellowshipers are the Westover
family and they are so dang cool! Morgan is 20 and going to nova and
her parents don't care about religion but she does! She has helped
Sister West over teach primary for the last 3 months. She shows up to
church every Sunday 15 minutes early! It's so awesome yeah it was a
good lesson! On Thursday I was finally feeling better  and we went on
exchanges with the Chantilly elders! I got to hangout with Elder
Haddon and it was so much fun! He is a great guy and I want to hangout
with him after the mission so that's pretty cool! We did a lot of work
except I accidentally brought the tall cedars cell phone with me so my
companion didn't have a phone the whole night hahaha. Friday was a
pretty good day we taught a boy whose  mom is so hard
hearted and won't let him get baptized. It's so sad. It stresses me
out seeing somebody who wants to get baptized and get better but his
mom won't let him. We will continue to see him though he is such a
smart kid! Elder Holdaway spent some time cold calling people from our
area book and some dude told us his net worth was $286000 hahaha were
were like "that's cool..." And he hung up haha It was funny. We also
had dinner at Red Robin with the Decoursey family! They are so sick I
love them! He is a hunter and has basically killed all the wild life
in Africa and has them hung up all over his house! It's so sick!
Saturday was a good day as well we taught two lessons at the door way
and they went well we have to get an Arabic Book of Mormon for this
guy named Magdy he is pretty cool and we are going to go to his
Egyptian Orthodox Church so that's pretty awesome! Sunday was my 7
month mark. Can you believe that? It's flying so far. We had church
and we got a new bishop and got to sit in on this sweet ysa meeting
that was awesome! I was fasting for one of our investigators and for a few other
people so I was dying the whole day. But that evening we had a new and
returning member fireside and we invited our investigator Morgan and
the Westovers! They loved it! This recent convert gets up and she has
white dreads and says "Joseph smiff is the COOLEST!" She pauses for a
second and this  guy in the congregation yells "you got this
girl" hahahah right in front of President Huntsman hahaha it was so
great!! After that meeting I got the chance to go and talk to Elder
Adair! I love that guy I'm so sad he goes home on Thursday... I really
look up to that guy. We came home and did key indicators and went to
sleep! This morning Elder Holdaway and I taught seminary! It was super
fun!! That's my week! Love you all stay safe!!
Elder Routsong


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