Sunday, December 27, 2015

"You look like an Orange"

Friends and family!

How the heck are you all?! This week wasn't too bad! Lot of different
things happened! I hope life back at home is normal and going
smoothly! Life in northern Virginia is pretty good! It's been like a
steady 70 degrees and sunny! So I can't really complain. I love seeing
the pictures of the snow back home though! I've had some pretty cool
experiences here though! This past week was transfer week so everyone
was going crazy about where they are going and about the new office
elder so it's been pretty hectic here! On pday last week we went to
hangout in the city for awhile and just went people watching and sight
seeing so that's always fun! There are some crazy people in DC... That
night we went to teach Ronnie a less active and we shared with him the
new Christmas video the church made! It's super good you should look
it up! On Tuesday I woke up sick as a sucked! Tuesday night
we sat in front of ruby Tuesday's to get wifi to get our transfer
email! We were all pretty much freaking out....turns out that elder
vasilyev only was going to stay one transfer here with us. He is now
in great falls with a newer missionary RIP vasilyev. So now elder
holdaway and I have the town house to ourselves again yay! Wednesday
we had to teach zone training. I just wanted to die. Ive had a sore
throat and head ache the whole week... Dangit. Anyways we had an
awesome zone training though! I just kept my water bottle by me the
whole time to keep myself cool! Elder holdaway and I shared luke
chapter 2 with our zone just like how my dad reads it to me every
Christmas it was pretty cool! The church has so many good little
videos about the importance of a Christ centered Christmas! We also
had our district leaders train on some other stuff! We mostly talked
about planning and the importance of it not just in our mission but
for the rest of our lives. After zone training we all went out for
lunch at 5 guys it was dang good and this whole troop of missionaries
walked in haha they looked at us like we were crazy haha. Thursday was
transfer day!! Elder holdaway and I cleaned the town house while
vasilyev finished up his packing. Then we took off to fair oaks to get
their bike then to transfers! It was fun I got to see some mission
buddies which is always super nice! I'm also happy because the is the
longest I have stayed in an area so far 3 transfers!! Yes. After
transfers we had our zone intro meeting and then went out and did some
tracting it was a good day. I'm still sick at this point though...I
think Friday was my most favorite day of this week by far! We had a
normal morning and weekly planned. We thought to call this guy named
Edward. He answered his phone and said we could come over right now!
We had an amazing first lesson with Ruth, Edward, and Anastasia! Elder
holdaway and I have been trying to teach the restoration like how the
angel teaches Nephi in 1 Nephi 13. Just showing the pictures and
asking people what they see and then teach them the principal. It's so
awesome and it invites the spirit to testify how true our message is:)
it was a good lesson! we drove down to Chrystal city and parked our
car at the 23rd street church building which is sooooo cool! It's
inside an office building! Anyways we went over to the pentagon city
mall and the mt Vernon Ward mission leader picked us up. We were on
our way to the temple with one of elder holdaways converts! It was
awesome! The car ride up was way fun! Brother Judd played a ton of not
approved music so that's a score. Brother Judd is a pretty cool guy I
hope I serve in mt Vernon to get to know the family better. Cecilias
first temple visit was so awesome it was so spiritual!! Made me so
happy to see somebody like her go through the temple! For Christmas
time the temple puts up these incredible's so dang awesome
there! Look at the picture I sent! One of brother Judds kids as were
were looking at the lights walks up to me and says "you look like an
orange!" Hahaha okay.... Best compliment I've ever received. We didn't
get home till like 11 that night we were so tried and I was still
sick... Saturday we had leadership meeting and tried to help our Ward
with a youth baptism so we were busy in the morning. We also had a
sweet lesson about tithing with Christopher Fuentes and then went on
splits with a rm named Brett he is a stud. That night we had the Ward
Christmas party. Holy crud it was so awesome they did a polar express
theme! And several people in the Ward invited non member friends so we
were busy at the party too! We talked to a lot of cool people. It was
seriously the coolest and most well put together Christmas party I've
ever been to. I wish my family could of been there little Emilee would
of loved it! Sunday was good at church we talked to Morgan for a
little bit so hopefully we can teach her soon! She is pretty awesome
and super prepared. I was not feeling good that night so I passed out
on the ground for a while. But hey it was a super super good week! I
hate being this sick but we got a lot of stuff done this week! I also
hit my 9 month mark next week. Time is flying! Have a good week
everyone I'm grateful for each and every one of you! Love you!!
Elder Routsong

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