Sunday, December 27, 2015

8 Months

Friends and family!

Hey hey hey hey! How is everyone doing this week?! Ive been doing
pretty well! so for pday last week we had our big zone activity and we
think that it went pretty well! after pday we had dinner with the
Selby family and they are a part member and less active their son Ian
was baptized last week so they had us over to talk about the
restoration! it was a good time and I really felt the spirit as we
taught Ian! so yeah Monday was a pretty good day! Tueday was Elder
Vailyevs 22nd birthday! Happy Birthday to Elder V!! haaha Today we
went to District meetings in Belmont Ridge. It was the District
leaders first district meeting. The first hour goes by and it's a
straight hour of accountability. (Accountability should only take
about 20 minutes). So he asks us "Has anyone had any bold moments this
week?.... Elder Vasilyev, how about you?"
Elder Vasilyev sits there for a second and then says "I'm about to
have a bold moment." Another quiet moment. Elder Vasilyev then follows
up and says "ELDER HILD! You have been doing accountability for an
hour straight! You have 20 minutes left and you haven't taught
anything yet. Get it together Hild!" There was an awkward silence for
a few seconds and then Elder Hild jumped into teaching. It was so
stinking funny ahahahahh. after the lunch we went on exchanges with
the spanish elders! I went to sudley with elder Gonzaleaz or otherwise
known around the mission as "Gonza Daddy" he is one of my good buddies
out here so it was cool to go on exchanges with him! we did alot of
tracting and street contacting over in Manassas because there are alot
of hispanic people that live there! I must say that my spanish is
getting a little better i can follow along in conversations! that
night Gonza and i went to teach one ofhis recent converts about family
history! i got bored of hearing spanish and the kids little brother
was playing angry birds on his ipad so iI helpedhim win a couple of
levels hahaha it was so funny. gonza and I stayed up till 11 playing
some board games it was pretty cool! Wednesday was my 8 month mark!
pretty cool huh? Wednesday was just a day full of planning and riding
in the was so boring! we went to the office and just
planned...that night we went tracting to a place bishop told us to go!
we tracted for an entire hour and only Hindus were on that street but
we did teach the restoration to a few of them! that night was good i
love being out and working it is hard but very rewarding. that night
we got some buffalo wild wings and elder Holdaway almost died after
one Mango Habanero wing hahah fun stuff.

Thursday was thanksgiving!! Happy thanksgiving everyone! I hope it was
great! on Thursday we woke up and did the usual routine. we then
taught elder Vasilyev how to throw the football! it was like 70
degrees outside:) we then went to a members house in our ward and
shared a little message about gratitude and thanksgiving! we also
shared a few stories from our missions. It was a very spiritual
experience! we then went over to the Decourseys house for our first
thanksgiving dinner...oh. my. goodness. it was so fun over there! we
had this huge nerf war with the kids!it was a blast! we may have
watched a little bit of the eagles and lions game...but i cannot
confirm nor deny that statement.  the Decourseys are a super awesome
family and i am so grateful and lucky i got to spend it with them!
Sister Decoursey told us that the average american eats over 5000
calories during thanksgiving...dang. after the Decourseys we went over
to the Williamsons house for our second dinner....ahaha it was such a
good time over there too! we had so much food we all wanted to die and
both families gave us alot of leftovers...It was elder Vasilyevs first
and second thanksgiving dinners in his life. he was so sick hahahahah.
Thanskgiving was good this year! I am really grateful for my family
and all that they do for me it was really challenging to be away from
them on Thursday!! I know that they are okay though:)

Friday we woke up all pretty much sick from the massive amount of food we ate
and went to a mission wide choir practice. I tried singing but i left
pretty fast and went and hungout with some elders in the hallways that
were also really bad at singing haha we had some good laughs i love
hanging out with other missionaries they are so stinking funny. that
evening we went on exchanges with the Assistants to the president. I
went with Elder Rice and we taught a less active guy named Jason. One
of the best lessons i have had on my mission. Jason is struggling with
the church and is a semi pro football player. needless to say we hit
it off pretty well! I Told Jason my story about my struggles with the
church and about the power of the atonement it was a very spiritual
lesson we talked about Isaiah 41:10 and Jason loved that scripture. I
was very grateful to have that lesson with Jason! he is a good guy!

Saturday we taught Christopher about the 10 commandments and it was
also a really great lesson! he is only 9 and is like the smartest
little kid ever!

Sunday was a good day of church we learned about the three ways people
are obedient. the first is they are obedient out of fear. the second
is they are obedient because of the blessings that they receive. the
last is they are obedient because they love and trust heavenly father.
I thought this was so awesome! look at when Christ was on the earth he
obeyed his father and was obedient out of LOVE and TRUST in his
father! I know that as we are obedient out of love we show heavenly
father our respect and trust in him and he will shower us with
blessings that we will see and ones that we don't see!

I am very grateful for each and every one of you! thank you for all
your support and being the best examples to me! i hope you all have a
great week this week! LOVE YOU!!

Elder Routsong

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