Sunday, December 27, 2015

Almost Christmas!

Friends and wonderful family.

Hello hello! I'm so excited to be writing this letter to you! I hope
and wish you all have a merry Christmas!!! This has been a week of a
lot of reflecting for me. Reflecting on the things that i am grateful
for in my life! What a wonderful blessing it is to remember but a few
things that our heaven father has given us! I was very happy this week
although it's been extremely hard and I mean EXTREMELY hard to be away
from you all this holiday season. With all that being said I will now
write about my week:
On Monday we played some basketball at the ashburn stake center with a
few elders! It was nice just to hangout! I didn't play a whole lot of
basketball cause I am still sick!!! Gah! Still sick! Seriously... It
sucks. Anyways I got to spend a lot of time messaging kari. It was
such a good experience for me. I really miss my sister kari and it's
always good to hear from her:) love you Kari!  That night we taught a
less active part member family and he loves football so we talked with
him for awhile about football and we shared our Christmas message with
him! Anyways  Monday was a pretty good day. Tuesday we had district
meetings! It was pretty alright. We didn't have a whole lot going on
in the afternoon so we did some tracting it was going pretty good for
a Tuesday afternoon hah we met this awesome guy named David he opens
the door and gives us the biggest smile and says "I'm super busy right
now can you come back Thursday at 4?" In my mind I was like
yeah...right...Thursday at 4 you won't be there. So we kept tracting
after that. On the way home for dinner I got the feeling that we
should go see this potential we found a month or so ago his name is
Terry and he is SUPER hard to get ahold of. We show up to his house
and he lets us in! He said "okay gentlemen this is the farthest two
missionaries have ever got. This is your only chance." We had a really
spiritual discussion with him. He asked us so many questions about
missionary work and we taught him the restoration. It was so awesome.
He is so smart and interested. He trains navy seals! He trained seal
team 6!! He is going to try and introduce us to some seals if I am
still here in February! We also had a weird lesson with a less active
that night named bro Rodriguez it on,y lasted for like 10 minutes.
Haha Wednesday was good we had an office run and the. I went on
exchanges with the Belmont ridge elders! They are pretty cool!
Thursday we exchanged back and taught the David the guy we met tracing
earlier in the week! I was totally expecting him not to be there, it
was one of the best lessons that elder holdaway and I taught. He said
he had doubts with his church and we were like okay well we can help
that. He really loved he message of the restoration it was awesome!! I
are going to go to his house on
 Jan 4th to teach him again! Friday was
our mission wide Christmas conference!! It was totally awesome!
President huntsman wrecked some elders in a hot dog eating contest. It
was hilarious. That's really the highlights of the week! I hope that
you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I'll miss you all
the whole time! Love you!! Talk to you on Christmas mom!!!! Yay!!!
Love elder Routsong

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