Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dave and Conference

Hello hello

Wow what a weird week...spiritual highs and lows and happiness and sadness! Haha pretty much normal for missionaries I guess right?! This week was good. Just a roller coaster! Time is flying so fast! Monday was fun we went to president Huntsmans house and had a bbq and played some hardcore volleyball. It is always good being with President and Sister Huntsman. I love them so much and they teach me so much as well! After pday we tracted out in the rain for a couple hours and then we had a lesson/dinner with the Clark family. They are pretty sweet. They are less active and we are trying to help them so much!
This whole week has been Rainey and dark and junky hahaha. It's great!
Fall in Virginia! Tuesday we had district meeting and I talked about
the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it can answer ALL
questions! It's more than just A BOOK! it's the gateway to our
salvation! After district meeting we got together with the Algonkian elders and went to move this really creepy non member in Reston to the Algonkian Ward.  I don't even know where to begin with this guy. He was the most touchy guy I've ever met. He like grabbed my shoulders and crap. Then I was leaning up against the truck and he starts massaging my was SO FETCHING CREEPY! He comes up to me and elder hild and says "how old is your guys dads?" We were both like "uhhhhhh 52" then we said "well I'm about that age so today I will be your dad!" Then we started rubbing our shoulders. I hope I never see that guy ever again. Hahahahahaha. Wednesday my drivers
license expired so we gave the car to Algonkian for the day. It rained alllllll dayyyyyy I literally felt like I was in forest gump. We met with Abay and I was soaking wet. It was nasty. We had a good dinner that night though with a less active family who fed us super well.
Thursday was super cool. We had return and report. It was awesome. We got to spend time with President and Sister Huntsman. It was great!
After that I went on exchanges with elder prince in the Spanish
program I'll miss this kid he leaves next week. We had a lot of fun.
Friday we exchanged back and got prepared for Daves baptism! We nailed
out the program and went to buy him some ties. It was good. Saturday was Daves baptism!! Heck yeah! We watched general conference while filling the font. It was such a rewarding experience... I loved
hearing that water in the background while listening to the inspired
leaders of our church. Daves baptism was incredible. We love him so much...I was honored to baptize Dave. It was incredible..after he came up out of the water he immediately said a prayer to thank god...I wanted to cry. He said he felt clean! And he truly was... Words cannot describe the joy I felt on Saturday in the next sessions of conference. That night we ate at fudruckers with the Ward. Then hit up priesthood session. It was great! Sunday was a rough day. Fetching fudruckers got me and elder Benard poisoning to the max. I layed in bed all day wanting to die. The shenendoa sisters were kind enough to get us some Sprite. Sunday was horrible hahah but Dave
watched conference! This week was great! Love you all so much! I
rejoice in my heavenly fathers love! Have a wonderful week!
Elder Routsong

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