Sunday, October 2, 2016

18 months!

Friends and family,

Hello hello!! This week was pretty stinking awesome. We had a lot  of success! Sterling Virginia is the place to be fellas. Elder Benard and I have been doing our best work. We were basically like full time home teachers this week with the less active people in the Ward. But we got to visit with some pretty awesome people. Last pday was pretty awful hahah it rained all day and we were planning on going
to top golf :/ we just went to the mall and I bought some Volcom pants to work in. We also got a little bit of basketball and one ball dodgeball in. After pday we were super hungry so we slammed a bunch of Taco Bell then I realized I needed to go on a diet Hahahah. Monday night was good we got to visit a few people. Tuesday was kinda a
nightmare. Hahahaha so the entire day went good up until dinner. In the morning I taught district meeting about the importance of loving others and having Christlike charity! We then went to the office with
the zone leaders cause I had to send some stuff to my doctor. Elder Hild was telling stories about dates he had been on at BYU haha kid is hilarious. We call him Bobby light. We ate dinner at a Cambodian ladies house. Her name is Pibot and her husbands name is Paula. They
are super nice but never make the best food. We ate this dessert that was literally green beans, black beans, kidney beans, red beans, and some other bean mixed in coconut milk and hot tapioca pudding. Easily the nastiest thing I've ever eaten. I was sitting there eating it
and gagged at the table. I'm a wuss I know. But it was gross. It made me sick and her dinner I was up till late sick. Horrible evening. We also taught the Perreria family after that dinner. I was dying! Hahaha
Wednesday I stayed in while my comp and Algonkian went on splits so Elder Hild was with me. We had some good talks. After I started feeling better we went to falls church to help clean an apartment with the office elders. They also generously gave me a weight set ;) so I
can get back in shape! Yay! They night we went on splits with two members. I went with brother Jimenez and he is a total boss. He's my favorite member. Anyways we taught s less active lady named Vicky.
Vicky is very special. Her husband passed away 15 years ago and she hasn't been to church since. She welcomed us in and loved having us. Such a sweet lady! She looks at me and says "this is the first time
I've had a missionary in my home since 1990!" We got to know her and I shared with her some versus from 1 John chapter 4 about perfect love.
It was so good! :) Thursday we had a busy day too! We had a nice full study then my favorite member Ann Williamson took Elder Holdaway and I out to lunch for my late birthday! I love the and
dad they hopefully will be one of the first people you meet when you come here! She was talking about how the man she is renting her house out to is looking at sketchy stuff on the internet haha oh my gosh too
funny. You just have to meet them. After lunch we visited with our favorite guy Abay. He has this cool Siamese cat who's name is ackichi.
We read the scriptures with him and helped him understand. He's awesome. Then we went to visit with Eric. He is going through a tough spot. He is 40 and suffers from some mental illness and his mom is in the hospital. We made sure he was alright and had a lesson with
him. Eric is great. We hope he is doing good. Thursday I was so tired. I slept though dinner and then got back to work. Before returning home that night we stopped at firehouse and a less active member bought our
food. I was like yussss. We are going to start teaching her and her family now! How cool. Friday we weekly planned and then helped the
Spanish elders fix their car. We met with another less active member named Ed. He is a great guy. Mid single adult. We go and read the scriptures with him every week. We talked about the importance of personal revelation. There is s talk given in the September 1999
ensign. Check it out. Loved it. We also had a lesson and dinner and nerf war with the Clark family. They are less active and have their
struggles. I love them a lot. It was good meeting with them. Saturday we played soccer with our investigator almumy and helped brother Jimenez move some things out of his storage unit. We also taught this
inactive member who's name is Will. It was interesting...he opens the door and blows cigarette smoke at us Then we had a long talk about the
New Testament hahahahah. So weird. He is cool though. We woke Eric up to get to church and also Vicky came to
church for the first time in years! And Dave Marr was there! Dave had
his baptismal interview and passed! We taught him about the
priesthood. He is getting baptized this Saturday! He said "you guys knocked on my door in and my life did a 180!" Dave is
incredible...we ate dinner at a members house who had 8 kids. I felt like I was at your house Auntie Kristy! Hahaha we also found this guy
named Noah while tracting. We are meeting with him today and will probably pass him to the singles ward sister missionaries! This week
was awesome. We were basically full time home teachers. But it went
well! We did all we could do with cheer! I love my father in heaven
and my savior Jesus Christ. He has changed me some much these past 18 months of my life. I'm a new man. Love you all!
Elder  Routsong

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