Monday, April 13, 2015

First Week in Alexandria!

Hey everybody! Okay so this week has been pretty crazy!! It was the busiest week of my life! Okay so my companions name is Elder Adair! He is actually an inch taller than me  and I am 6'6" daaaang. He is from St. George and goes to Dixie state. So I am just going to tell all that happened this week... On Thursday we had transfer meeting from 9-3 and we learned how to use our iPads and phones. Sorry non member friends I can't call or text you hahaha but I love ya anyways. So after the meetings we went back to our apartment and the elders before us trashed it. It was soooo gross. By the way, I am living in a suburb of Alexandria called Kingstowne. We then decided to go tracting at about 5 and seriously the first person we talked was named Daniel. He is recovering from drugs and alcohol... And I love this guy! He is amazing! We talked to him for about 10 minutes and In that time I committed him to read the Book of Mormon and pray with us and then Elder Adair committed him to come to church with us this past Sunday! And guess what!? He showed up and he loved church! He only could stay through sacrament and Sunday school because he has a program with AA that he can only stay out a certain amount of hours throughout the day. We have a meeting with him tonight and we are going to teach him the word of wisdom... Then it's my job to extend a baptismal invitation. Sketch.  On Friday we went to visit the ward mission leader and had dinner with him. His name is Rich Curran. He is great. On Saturday, it was crazy, so mom you know I've gone through two bikes here hahaha they are junk but I didn't buy them so it's chill. Anyways I'm going to buy a bike of my own this week. So Saturday we went tracting pretty much alllllll dayyyyyy my feet still hurt. Before we started, we visited a man named Kwesi and his son Ellom. Kwesi is a recent convert and he and his son were baptized back in September on my birthday in fact. He is recovering from a stroke and seriously the most humble guy I've ever met... He is from Ghana! Okay, so where I live I swear that Elder Adair and I are the only white people... Everybody is from Ghana it's so legit. We went to visit this family named the Okus in the ward and they fed us chicken gizzards... Hahah I just thought of those Tucanos chicken hearts... So it wasn't bad. We tracked this place and everybody was from Ghana and they were all so nice. We met a ton of people and got a few appointments. On Sunday we went to church and the stake has 4 wards in it going simulaneuosly... I don't know how it worked ha but there was A ton of people. Sunday was so cool cause Daniel did come to church with us and it was great. So we are whitewashing this area which means both of the elders are new and the area book hasn't been updated in like 6 weeks... It's crazy ha. After church we had a dinner appointment but we went to the wrong house it was pretty embarrassing. We then met bishop he is cool. We then went tracting again and I got a prompting we needed to go knock on this one door at this complex and we knocked and we met a lady named Josie. She is so freaking awesome! She is from the Philippines. We are not meeting with her this week but next week. I'm excited. And today is pday so we went to Walmart but I forgot my wallet... Crap. We are going to the city now I'm excited it's supposed to be the peak of the cherry blossom today! Sick! How are things going back home?? Kayla your hair looks so pretty! good choice! Keith and Rhiannon! Good luck with graduation that's so cool a lady from our ward said she would be there and look for you haha her name is sister Nixon and one of her kids is graduating with you. CONGRATS love you! What else is going on? Is track still dragging pops? Haha I'm so sorry. Wish Nikol luck for me that's awesome! Any other throwers doing good? Kari!! How are you doing!? love you! How is little Emmy doing is she ready to be done with school!? Ha I miss you all. Momma what's new with you? I saw that your work is busy! That's awesome I'm super happy that it is! What does the basement look like now? Did you move all of Emilees stuff Into my room right? How is Krispy doing?  She sent me a ton of pictures so I'll hopefully be able to download them later tonight! Okay, so I'm on the metro right now to the city and I am sitting by this guy who is headed to meet the Iraq prime minister... What the heck... I've ran into a lot of Islamic people down here but we aren't allowed to teach them unless we have the mission president with us... It's kinda scary haha oh I did mention that there are a lot of people from Ghana here right? I love them we have a lot in our ward. Oh yeah we are allowed to go to DC once a transfer so there are like 6 of us on the metro right now ha. Tell me some more stuff about home though! 😄😄 I miss you all a lot though it's crazy! Yeah momma I get my own iPad haha it's pretty cool but we aren't allowed to get much on them and they are very strict with the rules to use them. I trying to think of what else to tell you..oh yeah my pday for the rest of the mission will now be MONDAYS! It's so crazy hot here I'm going to have the worst farmers tan ever when I get home from the mish.... My biggest adjustment is the humidity gahhhh it's so hot and humid and I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow.. Super lame! We have no car only bikes... Haha but it's great! We spent a good amount of the day in the city the cherry blossoms are sooooo cool and beautiful! Wow I wish you could all see it in person! I can't wait to go again next year! We are riding the metro and it's during rush hour... Yeah it's pretty freaking crazy... Oh another funny thing is that everywhere we go people are always asking Elder Adair and I if we are professional basketball players hahahah it's hilarious! We met this referral named Ray and he loves us cause we are so tall! He says he could take us in basketball so he wants us to come shoot around with him haha! He is also 53 years old and has 9 kids haha he is great! Momma please forward this email to everyone cause I'm pretty positive I don't have all the family's email addresses whoops so yeah tell all the family I say hi and yes I am clearly still alive even though parts of Kingstowne are pretty ghetto but nobody will me mess with Elder Adair and I haha. Elder Adair says I intimidate people into letting us in hahaha he is hilarious! How is uncle Tim doing? Tell him to write me! I miss hanging out with him and all the cousins! Momma also in the next couple weeks I need you to get me an iPod with some songs once I can find some more! I just wanted to quickly share a cool scripture I found this week in study it's doctrine and covenants 123:17 read it and see if you can apply it to your life! Hint if we pray don't just ask for an answer go do your part in finding the answer then God will work his miracles and bring them into your life :):) yeah I thought it was cool! Signing off now love ya!

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