Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Last Day in the MTC

Hey everybody today is my last pday here in Utah!! I had the opportunity to attend the temple this morning with my district.... it was so spiritual and amazing!! I really know that the work I am doing in my life right now is correct and true! But hey, what about general conference this past weekend?!?!! whattttt! This was the first time I actually sat down to watch the WHOLE thing! Let me just say that Elder Holland's talk about the two brothers was amazing! My favorite talk I think...But I did like Elder Renlunds talk too! It was about not letting your doubts overcome your faith and trust in the lord. Also, I loved the quote that was shared "A saint is a sinner who keeps on trying" That is so powerful isnt it? God knows that we are all imperfect...and He loves us so much that he atoned for our sins and wants to be able to see us again through baptism and repentance! What a amazing week its been...I got to meet the new district and they are great people! I had the opportunity to train all of them! Isnt that cool?! I unfortunately was released from being a district leader this past sunday :( oh well maybe in the field I'll get the chance by working hard. Today is kind of crazy we have most of the day to pack and get ready for our 3:00 a.m. departure from the MTC... dang I'm going to be so freaking tired...oh wait! I am always freaking tired here because we work so hard so its all good hahahaha! I think our flight leaves at 8 am tomorrow morning but I'll check my itinerary again. The sisters from our district left this morning it sucked letting them go but they are going to do a great job in Georgia! I am so nervous for the feild!! AHHHH I will be teaching real investigators possibly tomorrow...thats insane... But I feel like my preparation here at the mtc has had a wonderful impact on my life! Anyways, I'm using half of my internet time right now to send and read so I will be back on later for another email session!! HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT EASTER!
Hey again Everybody! Yeah so today is the last day in the mtc if I didnt already say so! Im glad I got to read all of your lovely emails today it sounds like you are all doing well! One of the teachers last night told me that duke won in basketball...dangit!  I haven't watched any tv or listened to any music in the last two weeks its still  weird... I get those weird phantom vibrations in my pocket cause I think that I still have my phone hahahaha! Its insane! Tell me some more news from home?! What else is new! It's so weird not being with you all! But it seriously sounds like all is well!  Tonight after pday one of the members of the 70 is going to speak to us or possibly an apostle! CRAZY! Last pday elder Teh addressed us and it was awesome! I am glad that I dont have to sit in class anymore and I can actually get out  into the field. The first door is the hardest I've been told but I am actually really excited/scared for that time. I hope I get a great trainer and he has the same kind of interests as me but if not its chill! I'm nervous to get all packed right now.. I'm doing some laundry and just finishing up my pday email session hhaha the days are pretty much all the same here in the MTC so Virginia will be super super awesome! I cant wait to be on that side of the country! But yeah, the temple was so awesome this morning!! And my favorite conference talk was either Hollands or Renlunds... I can't decide. Oh yeah, mom please forward my email to everyone because I didn't get anyones email address before I left so that is your job!! I hope all is well at home and I know it is... I pray for all of you every morning and night ESPECIALLY YOU MOMMA J! haha love you so much. The exercise time here is so lame haha we only get like an hour so I've already gained like 3 pounds here... I feel pretty chunky... its all good though haha I'm not here to lift weights, I'm here to better myself and the lives of other people! I'll sign this one off and write some smaller letters to you all. LOVE YOU ALL!
Love Elder Routsong
P.s. mom I love all the Easter pictures hahaha I also miss teasing Em and Kayla.
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