Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Week Down!

Hey everybody! Whaaaaats up! Sooo this week was pretty low key. When we started here we had several lessons and then it kinda died down... So we have been doing a healthy amount of tracting. Surprisingly, I haven't gotten a single door slammed in my face or have been cussed out so I guess that's a victory! Momma, we have been working super hard here haha I'm not slacking off haha. Every night I get home and my feet just throb. It's a good time though, Elder Adair is a great comp and has taught me a lot! We have made several good contacts but nobody is willing to let us in cause we are both big tall guys hahahah. So on Tuesday this past week all we did was knock doors and street contact people. Ha it's a good time though, like for real. And Wednesday we had a dinner with the Hubbard family.. they are super super nice! Let's see what else could I tell you... Oh yeah mom and dad there is a family that I love out here and they have a son graduating from BYU along with Keith and Rhiannon. They are the Nixon family and I told sister Nixon to look for you and to say hi so I hope that she finds you. Her son's name is Ryan I think! They are by far my favorite family out here. Oh, and there is this guy, brother Lloyd, he is a super high up officer In the military and he is the boss he is a single father and he is a bad a. He is funny and has this Mohawk that he wears to church haha he is great. Holy cow, I've met some super crazy people here. Just tonight we had dinner with a member family and a non member and the non member was a rocket scientist and said that he worked on most of the things in the air and space museum... I've also met like several deportation lawyers and and several people that are working on the hill (the Capitol) hahah. Yeah, so when we went to dinner with the Nixon family she was telling us how she was at the first lady's fashion show and sat next to Jay Leno... People are pretty important here soooo. But everybody is so super nice and friendly here and willing to give us the time of day to at least chat. Oh yeah, I finally bought at bike! The brand is called giant and it is a good bike it gets the job done. Elder Adair has popped three tires this week haha we can never get anywhere without bike problems ha but it's all good. So what is new back in Colorado Springs!? It's so amazing that pretty much everybody that I've talked to here in Alexandria knows about and either been to or lived in Colorado Springs. We contacted a lady that even lived on Powers for about 5 years ha it's crazy. Momma did you get the pictures that the mission office was supposed to send you and poppa? If not I'll send them to you they are of me and my companion and the mission president and his wife! Im pretty sure that those are the only pictures that I've ever looked pretty decent in hahahah. Oh yeah president Riggs is like the coolest guy I've ever met. He is so funny and so spiritual it's great. He has really made this transition easy on me. In fact, the first time that I ever sat down with him one on one he said that I will have leadership in this mission and that he wished he could stay around to work with me for my whole mission ha it would been cool if he made me an assistant to the president right there hahah just kidding that would be scary! But yeah, he and his wife are super super cool and I love them and will miss them. So you know how everybody told me that this is the most foreign mission the  U.S...? They were totally right!  Oh this Ghanaian lady told us the other day that if we stand directly under the bus stop that we were going to get shot hahah I just laughed. Yeah we have had our fair share of crazy people come up to us (Keith you were right about that) hahah but it's the best. What is new at home!? Mom you said that its been snowing there? Dang, I would kill for some snow right about now! The biggest challenge is probably the humidity here... wow it's intense! I'll be riding my bike and just dying I feel like I am just going to melt and it's only spring time... I cannot imagine what the summer will be like. Elder Adair is convinced that I will be in Kingstowne for 3 whole transfers he says that's the norm here In the DC south mission. Oh, so I saw a Mormon message the other day that I absolutely love and I want everyone who reads this to watch it ok? I've watched it about 3 times and I've learned something absolutely different and new each time I've watched it. It is called "The Hope of Gods Light" please watch it. It is seriously amazing. And then the next assignment is to read and reread Elder Renlunds conference talk "Latter Day Saints Keep On Trying" it's my favorite talk ever. So Keith, I know you hate that part of the email so I kept it short. Unlike Kari... Hahahah just kidding Kari I can't believe we are both  brother and sister kickin butt together. Dang. How are Tiffany and Stanley doing!? I know that they are kicking some serious butt. Well I love and miss all of you!! 
Elder Routsong 

Me and the President and his wife

Apartments we Tract

Basketball on Pday!

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