Sunday, April 5, 2015

My First P-day!!

Woaaaahhhhh hey everybody!! I hope all is well back at home!! I am super excited to write to you all!  I am super excited for my first email!! I have been dreaming about this all week! I got here on Wednesday of last week and they informed us that pday was on tuesday the following week...I was like DANGIT! but it is finally Tuesday! Time only flies when you are having fun in here! Most of the time at the MTC we are just in class working and working and working! My back hurts so much because the chairs are sooooo uncomfortable here. I have seen Tiffani several times since being here! She is doing pretty good and I think she struggled with eating the first couple days but its good now her comp said she has been eating somewhat.  She studies hard in here though and is alot better than me! The first couple days here were so dang busy it seemed like every hour we had something going on... But it kept my mind off of everything at home! I was hoping to see you mom and family as you drove past the mtc probably like a billion times but I never saw you...oh well its probably better that way! Being here in the MTC has been the most spiritual time in my life thats for dang sure! I have learned so much that my head is going to explode!  President Hodges (our branch president) actually made me a district leader! Its a scary calling and has a good amount of responsibility. I'm in charge of mail and holding district meetings... But the other elders and sisters are all asking me questions on where we are supposed to go and what we are supposed to be doing and I am just as lost as them most of the time.. hahahaha. My companion is Elder King! He is from Oklahoma and runs track and loves to lift and play sports! So yeah, we get along!! Elder King is great!! We always have these little inside jokes and talk about movies and we are always quoting the office (Jeanette) hahaha so yeah we get along just fine which has made my experience here a thousand times better! This morning we got to attend the Provo Temple...It was just as good as my Denver Temple experience! Before going I had a feeling that I should turn to D&C section 14... So I did. I can tell you that I was supposed to read that section at that moment in time. So I suggest to all of you... that you follow your spiritual promptings!  Section 14 is about missionary work and why we do what we do!! It made me so happy and the temple session wayyyyy better! MOM, thank you for all of your letters and packages from you and the family! haha that rootbeer that you sent us was funny because the other district down the hall from us thought we were sneaking beer into our room HAHAHA. We quickly told them it was rootbeer and not actually beer haha they are also from Australia so they think we are weirdos anyways... We leave on the 8th at 2 in the morning to make our way to SLC to fly to DC! It will be a hard leaving these people but I am ready to get out into the field! How is everything at home? Dalvin have you still been practicing with the CSU coaches!? Best of luck bro you deserve it! Chase and Zach I hope that work and school are going GREAT! You all rock! Jean stay golden! hahaha Kayla you are almost done with school soon!! LUCKY! where are you all going to vacation this summer?! Dad, I saw that Nikol threw a 130 in the disc?! dang thats like a 7 foot pr! Tell her congrats and she better win state! Keith and Rhiannon I hope you are doing well! KARI! WE ARE IN THE FIELD TOGETHER!!!! Isn't that crazy!? I did get time to exercise here we get from 8:25-9:15 at night so its not much but I try to get a good sweat in and Elder King likes to lift and do some track workouts with me so its great! I miss you all alot and please pray for my back it has been hurting quite a bit but I'll be tough! OH this week Sister Owens, who was going to our mission, got sent home because of sickness...She came up to me the night before she left and asked if i could give her a blessing of comfort... I was shocked!! So I did and I was so amazed by the spirit that was in the room! Honestly that was the most spiritual experience I  have had in my life... the mission is hard and I have only been in it for a fraction of a time but I can tell you that the feeling I got from that blessing was worth all the pain and frustration of being here... It is one of the reasons why my mission got delayed a week I believe... Tell me some more stuff thats been going on at home!? I hope all is well and you haven't destroyed the basement and gone through all my stuff....... hahahaha I'm just kidding!! When do you go back to Colorado Keith and have you decided about school yet?! I pray for you! I pray for all of you whether you like it or not! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Elder Kyle Routsong

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