Monday, June 15, 2015

Miracle Week

Hey everybody!!

So this week was the week of miracles!! Seriously we taught 8 lessons this week and got 8 new investigators...holy cow this was the best week of my mission so far! I didn't feel like a pile because we were actually teaching people and not tracting our faces off all day every day! Yeah I was so stoked! So on pday last week, Elder Haddon and I just went to lift for like 3 hours it was pretty legit! Yeah then on Wednesday we have been teaching these Jamaican guys named Courtney and Deshane haha they are hilarious I talked to them about eyre of whatever those Jamaican guys told us when we were visiting... momma and family. Haha they are sick! They are doing a life guard job here for the summer then they are heading back to where we went on our cruise I forgot the name but it starts with an A. Yeah, they are really really cool... we actually asked Deshane if he would be baptized if he knew that this was the true church and the Book of Mormon is the word of God! He said yes! On Wednesday we had permission from president to deep clean our apartment all afternoon so yeah it was sweet we borrowed a bunch of supplies from the church to clean( we returned it all after we finished) the missionaries before me just trashed our apartment... On Thursday we didn't really do a whole lot but service. We went to a local Methodist food bank and did a ton of service! Friday we had interviews with president Riggs! I love president Riggs and his family they are so amazing some of the most Christlike people I've ever met. They seriously always have the spirit with them and it's so strong...on Wednesday we taught a man named Joey he is this huge country guy who was a cop. He felt the spirit when we talked about church. I could see it in his eyes it was so amazing... Elder Adair and I walked out of the lesson completely stunned...on a lighter note I had my first experience with a real life hoarder. Her apartment smelled so darn bad gahhhhhh. She was like legit hoarding. The bishop is going to have to talk to her. It's a serious problem! Ahhhhh it smelled so bad!!!! I was like gagging it was that bad... Haha also on Saturday I got let into a mans house with Elder Haddon! We taught him the restoration it was so awesome! Yeah this week we have been teaching people hardcore! Yeah, President told Elder Adair and I we were going to have miracles this week and we totally did. Wow! How are things going on back home!? It's going good here just been working hard the weather here hasn't been too bad this past week! We just ate at this buffet in Alexandria we were the only white people there... Seriously the place was packed and we were the only white People! Holy cow I got two packages this week!! Momma that package was darn great thank you!! It was a life saver my clothes are getting thrashed out here! And the Whitakers sent me a package full of food! WHITAKERS YOU ARE THE BEST!:) I miss you all a lot thanks for the package! I miss everyone at home and hope all are doing just excellent! Have a great week everyone!! Love you!

Elder Routsong 
Dead Blue Jay

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