Thursday, June 25, 2015

Great Week!


Hello hello!! How is everyone doing this week!? HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! I hope that everyone is doing super super good:) here in northern Virginia things are going good! Just living life and working super super hard...this week has been very good! So on Monday we went and hit golf balls at this super awesome driving range! I killed it! Tuesday we had district meeting and then we had apartment inspection! These past couple weeks on my mission I have seen so many miracles... It's so amazing! After pday on Monday we had dinner with a member of the bishopric and this lady named Jackie that we have been teaching. I put her on date for baptism for July 11th. She is so amazing and I've seen her progress so much in just the short time we have met her... She has an amazing story and I tear up every time that she tells it... She has a two year old son named Josiah he is just a total boss. Anyways Jackie is amazing and she was at one point homeless with her son when he was a newborn. She found a program for single mothers which gave her an apartment and a car. She is so spiritually prepared for the gospel. I've seen Her immediately give up alcohol, coffee and tea. Through reading the Book of Mormon and the bible the lord can help us with these addictions or things that we are struggling with. I can't believe the transformation that she has had in just a short 16 days. We took Jackie to the temple visitor center on Saturday. It was my first time going to the temple here! Holy cow it was so awesome I loved it! We had the sister missionaries at the visitor center prepare a lesson for Jackie and she absolutely loved it. They taught her about the plan of salvation and modern prophets! After the lesson we went to go watch Meet the Mormons Jackie loved it. We asked her what her favorite person was in the movie and she said the missionary mom was her favorite cause she has a similar story to her! Ahhh it's been such a good week! We made a baptismal calendar for Jackie and it tells her that everything we are going to teach her up till her baptism. She is so stoaked! We have been teaching her every single day this week at members homes and the benefit is they make dinner before our lesson so we are getting food and dinner every single day pretty much! Yeah I'm pretty happy right now! This Thursday is transfers so I will be finding out if I am staying or leaving tomorrow night... I hope I stay but there is a chance I will go I'd say it's about half and half...this ward is so awesome and every time that we bring an investigator to church they are so friendly! So today for pday we took a tour of the pentagon with a person from the Franconia ward that works there and then we went to Arlington cemetery and saw th changing of the guard! Today was so awesome!! What is new at home everyone!? I'm doing great out here I do miss you all a lot! I pray every night for all of you! It sounds like summer is finally rolling around there in the springs momma! Hope you all have a great week! love you!

Elder Routsong 

P.s. Soon I look like a goober with my name tag on my tie... Jackie son Josiah stole my name tag hahah


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