Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Hot Week in DC

Friends and family,
Hello everybody!! How was your week!? I hope it was fantastic!!! Life  here in Alexandria Virginia is good! Just working hard and loving the people that are here! I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday last week! We had a Memorial Day breakfast with the Kingstowne ward... it was a lot of fun! There was a flag ceremony, and a few members of the ward, because everyone is in the military, basically talked about those that have served and their current service. It was great to hear from so many members and their stories. Seriously though, everyone is so patriotic around here it's great!! On Tuesday...we had to put the tiwi in our mission vehicles....ugh... They are the worst. They monitor our driving and they are such a pain. But oh well, I'm not driving for awhile! Everyone on the mission is bummed cause of the tiwi. Even president Riggs got up during our conference and said "well to be hones,t the first time I heard about the tiwi I was pretty upset." Hahah but we have to deal with it so there is no reason to complain. So now we have to drive like grandmas! On Wednesday we finally got a progressing investigator! Yussss. His name is Steven! He lives with a recent convert from our ward named Kwesi. They are both from Ghana. Steven is taking care of Kwesi cause he had a stroke and now is going through gout. We gave Steven a pamphlet on the restoration and we came back for our return appointment to talk about it and he had read it twice! He had a question about the priesthood and said how did Peter James and John confer the melkezidek priesthood on Joseph smith! He was amazed at how we have the priesthood. We invited him to be baptized and he said if he gets an answer from God and from reading the Book of Mormon he will be baptized. So pray for Steven. We are going to prepare him with a date next time we meet! Yeah I'm super excited. So the rest of the week we basically moved everyone out of the ward and new people in... This area is so transient. We helped a part member family move in named the Duncan's. They are super awesome Marla the wife is a member and her husband is Chris and is an athletic trainer for George Washington university. He does a lot of work with baseball and with track so we instantly hit it off. Ah they are so great!! Sister Duncan actually coached soccer with Utah state so they are sweet! Yeah this week was pretty good! Oh! On Friday we went to the father son camp out! It was so sick! We got to go because we had an investigator there who knows the bishop! His name is Scott Harritch he went to school at Utah state and has several members of his family join the church. We didn't get to stay the night but we were there from 6-9 darn it was a lot a lot of fun! Yeah this week has been legit. And last week we moved this lady from the Franconia ward named sister Thorne. She bought us each a tie. I got this very nice silk green tie. Ahhh it is legit. It's starting to get super super hot here. Dang it's humid here ahhh every day it's like 90 degrees outside... We went to kohls this morning cause I had to decommission two of my short sleeve white shirts. One I ripped on the fence and the other some gum melted in my pocket. Ugh. Yeah sorry momma. So this Saturday Elder L Tom Perry passed away from thyroid cancer. He was amazing. Yesterday in church we talked about his last general conference talk. I believe that he knew this would be his last conference. Elder Perry knew how critical the family is and how much the family is under attack in the modern world... I am very grateful for his last address to us. If you look at his last sentence of the talk he bears a powerful witness to how important the family is. I am grateful for Elder L Tom Perry. I know he is In a great place right now doing the work of the Lord! I look forward to seeing who the next apostle is going to be:)  this week was pretty good I am feeling more confident with the work! Yet we still do a lot of door knocking and street contacting that I am pretty good at. I've come across several pastors who have given me a run for my money but we aren't supposed to bash grrrr. Anyways everyone please email me!! I hope that everyone is having an excellent week! What is new back at home!? Love you all!!
Elder Routsong 


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