Thursday, September 3, 2015

Life in Vint Hill

Family and friends!!

Hello hello! How is everyone doing this great week! I'm doing pretty well here in good ole Manassas Virginia! We have been working pretty hard this week!  This is one of those weeks where I can't remember a whole lot that happened! But I'll try my best!! So on pday last week we played some ultimate frisbee! It was 95 degrees out and sunny and was straight terrible holy cow. We were all drenched in sweat after like 5 minutes of playing and I got sunburnt so badly... Holy cow! It was fun though we also got to play some football! It was banned in the mission not too long ago but president brought it back! Yesss. That evening we taught a less active in our ward about eternal families and she really was happy about it!:) on Tuesday we had to clean our nasty car for zone was so gross! We took it to the car wash and did the works. It was weird doing that for a different car than for your car mom...hahahaha that night we saw this awesome family from our ward named the Milans! They are so sick! They are from Lima Peru and are going to make me some good Peruvian food! They are also going to take something to Stanley for me when they go and visit next month! Stanley be waiting for somebody to bring you a package! Also! There is a family that is going to make me Bolivian food Kari!! I'm stoked about that!! I hope that it is good! On Wednesday we had zone conference! It basically was all day! It was such a great experience! We had our cars checked in the morning and then we were in the sudley building the rest of the afternoon! President and sister huntsman gave some pretty good advice to us! They are wonderful and I really do love every chance I get to see them!! That night we went and taught an awesome family the restoration! Beth and Shawn plus their 4 kids... They are catholic and super super great people! They took the restoration very well but unfortunate they are out of town this week! Dangit! But Shawn was sitting there the whole time going "this makes sense!!" Haha it was so awesome! We hope that we can see them next week!!:) on Thursday there was this huge thunder and rain storm! Holy cow I thought it was like a hurricane it was so bad! We had dinner with a less active during the storm but the whole house was shaking and it was crazy! Friday was a pretty good day! We had a lesson with one of our investigators named Norman! Every time we teach him I feel the spirit!! Too bad he isn't making a habit to come to church! Gah! We are working on it though!! Saturday we helped out a member of our ward tile his kitchen! It was so much fun! My knees and back are straight dead from it but it was still a lot a lot of fun!!:)  then we had dinner with a lady named sister nham and her husband! Her husband is Buddhist but is very spiritual! We taught them about how God entices and invites us to do right in our lives like live the gospel! It was a great lesson and they were asking so many questions we didn't get out of the house till 8! It was so great though! Sunday was a pretty typical day we had  church and then we had dinner with bishop Wightman and his family! They are so awesome! They are probably my favorite family here in the Vint hill ward! That night brother McLaughlin drove us to a skate priesthood meeting! It was a very spiritual experience and elder snow got to see his friend from school so that was pretty cool! President Dion who is the stake president gave an awesome talk about the duties of the priesthood and the oath and covenant of he priesthood! Gosh darn it was awesome I think I took like full page of notes haha it was very very cool! This week was pretty good! I heard that emilee lost her two front teeth!! Poor Emmy!!! Wow everyone I turn 21 on the 7th....I'm turning into a dinosaur...feel free to send gifts;) haha I'm just kidding! Hope you all have a great week back at home and know that I miss you all and love you all!! Have a great week!!!

Elder Routsong 

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