Friday, November 20, 2015

I honestly don't know what to title these emails haha!

Family and friends!!

Hello hello! How is everyone doing this wonderful week!? I'm doing
good here! It's seems like the weeks are just blazing by! I apologize
if some of my letters are all over the place or seem weird or
disorganized. I'm trying to think back 7 days of missionary work haha.
So after pday last week we spent a lot of time planning for Zone
training. We had to give a two hour long presentation so yeah we had
to plan a lot for it! We taught about revelation through church
attendance and also the role of the Book of Mormon in conversion! It
was a spiritual meeting! We had a few elders and sisters come up and
bear their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and when they came to
know it was the word of God. It was a good experience but Elder
Holdaway and I were so tired from all the planning and presenting we
just wanted sleep! On Tuesday I had exchanged with the Belmont ridge
area and I went with Elder Franko he is a new missionary only been
out for 2 transfers so it was cool to spend time with a greenie haha
it's funny though he is just always so excited and ready to roll! He
is a convert to the church so we talked about his conversion story and
all that! He is a good missionary! That night we taught a less active
family from Bolivia they were from la Paz so that was pretty cool! I
told them about you Kari and how well you did down there and how much
you love Cochabamba! I also asked them about saltenas! Grr I still
haven't been able to try them yet Kari but I will let you know as soon
as I do! They sound pretty good! Wednesday we exchanged back and it
was my rough point of the week just to lack of sleep and stress! But I
got over it! We went to this really good New York deli called santinis
and went to the mission office to get supplies for the whole zone! We
also helped the ashburn elders by taking them to a mechanic in Fair
Fax to get their car fixed so it was a busy busy day! That evening we
went and taught our investigator Morgan! She is so prepared! She wants
to get baptized but she is just a little nervous for it! We teach her
over At  Brother and Sister Westovers house and they are so cool!
Easily one of my favorite families in the Tall Cedars Ward!  It was a
great lesson we taught Morgan  the gospel of Jesus Christ and the
spirit was there! Thursday was just a typical day we had leadership
meeting in the morning and then cleaned our apartment and taught a
less a active family that just recently moved into the Ward! The
Sprouse family! They are so dang cool and the husband loves football
so I really want to keep working with them;) haha Friday we helped
Sister Williamson move some stuff to her basement from her friends
house! It was such a fun time and she fed us these really good
omelettes in the morning! Holy cow they were so dang good! They house
that we were moving this lady out of was an $800000 was so
huge... We are going to start teaching her though hopefully soon!!
Saturday we had a bunch of appointments and lessons fall through! It
wasn't too bad though we spent a lot of time finding. Sunday was a
great day sacrament went really well and I am really enjoying this
ward! I feel like I learn something new every sacrament meeting I go
to its great!! But the highlight of my week was teaching seminary this
morning. I love seminary! Holy cow I wish I would of taken it
wayyyyyyy more seriously when I was in highschool! I've said so many
things out here that I've learned in seminary it's insane. Pay
attention in seminary. I love it!! Anyways that was my week sorry this
letter was a little boring haha we have been busy and I don't have a
lot of funny stories lately hopefully if I go back to Alexandria I'll
have some funny stories hahah have a great week everyone!! Love you
Elder Routsong

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