Sunday, November 29, 2015

"I am from Pakistan...We are all from Pakistan!"

Friends and family!

Hello hello how are you all doing this week!? Yet another Monday to
write home! I was pretty excited to write this letter!! A lot happened
this week. Like a lot... So for pday last week we played football and
it was super super fun! It was sunny and 75 outside in the fall!
It was beautiful! It was a good time! That evening we did some finding
but we spent most of the time planning for zone conference! We were
both so darn nervous for it! But we hammed out a pretty darn good
lesson plan! On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Chantilly elders! My
companion went to Chantilly and I got to spend the day with Elder
Krambule! He is a pretty cool guy! We had a good time we spent a lot
of the time driving the Centerville elders around because their car
was in The body shop! During our trips to Fair Fax with them we found
this super awesome place called "Duck Donuts" it's like the best place
ever... It's so good that I bought a shirt (sorry mom). Hahah they
make the donuts right in front of you and they are dang good! I got a
BACON maple donut...I wanted to die it was so good! Elder Vasilyev
loves the crud out of that place too! Mom and dad we gotta go there
when you come get me!:) anyways after we drove the Centerville elders around we
got to go to dinner with a family in our Ward. The Morse family! They
are so cool! We show up and they have this fancy meal made for us. It
was like this sweet and sour Chicken with this really well made Asian
salad with pumpkin pecan bread! Ahhhh it was so good! Brother Morse is
a professional chef and works for Bobby Flay!! So yeah the food was
good.... Ha we all left that night just dying cause we stuffed
ourselves! That night we went on splits with a member of the Ward and
elder vasilyev went with him  and elder krambule and I went to go
teach this guy Brian. We show up and he lets us in! He is pretty
prepared! We taught him the restoration and he loved it! He is pretty
open to all faiths but the spirit was there as Elder Krambule and I
taught him! We had a rocky start to the lesson cause we were both
pretty nervous but in the end the spirit taught him not us! It was
good! As we were walking out the door Brian offered Elder Krambule and
I an opportunity to play some fallout 4 and some rock band 4 with him....DANGIT!! We
wanted to play so badly...I was dying. Tuesday was a super good day
though! Wednesday was fun we had to drive the Centerville elders to
Fair Fax again for their car and we stopped by duck donuts's too good to not go there! Then we went to Chantilly and
helped out a member of the Ward rake and bag a whole bunch of leaves.
There are way too many trees and leaves in took us like
3 hours to rake and bag it all! Haha it was a good time though we did
a whole lot of laughing and joking during our work! We also ate at
firehouse subs and had the hottest hot sauce I've ever had in my life.
It almost killed me. That night we had a meeting with the young men's
stake presidency to help them plan for a big young men's missionary
splits activity! It was great and we got a lot of work done! On the
way home I ran a red light and almost killed a deer. Thursday was zone
conference and we got up early to get there! We were both so darn
nervous to present... But being around President was awesome! I love
the Huntsmans!! Elder Holdaway and I taught on chapter 10 of preach my
gospel! It was really good we presented for a whole hour so we were
both pretty happy! It was really cool to see my old companion Elder
Blanchard! He is an AP now so I barely see him he is so busy! After
zone conference I went on exchanges with the Fair Oaks elders and I
was with Elder Bigley he is new to the mission been out for 3 weeks.
he is a stud. anyways I went to Fair Oaks and its a bike
bike has a flat so I had to use a smaller bike...I looked so DUMB!
haha so we were riding down the road in the rain and the front brakes
only worked on the bike... Elder Bigley dropped something and slammed
on his brakes and I was following too closely and slammed on my FRONT
brakes... needless to say I flipped over my handlebars and almost
died. I hit the ground so hard and slid like 5 feet in the mud and hurt SO BAD! hahahaha but it was pretty funny. We showed up
to the appointment and I was muddy and gross. the family just laughed
at me hahaha. Tracting with Eder Bigley was fun though! on Friday we
exchanged back and did a lot of driving to the office and several
other places nothing too exciting. Okay so Saturday was by far the
craziest day this week and possibly my mission......

On Saturday we had a big zone service project. it was over in the
Centreville 2nd ward. It was the same thing we did for our last
service project. cutting down trees and planting trees and just a
bunch of manual labor! it was sick! we all got covered in mud pushing
a truck out that was stuck haha Elder Vasilyev was coated in mud the
whole time it was hilarious. during the service we got a call from the
bishopric and he was like "you guys got the baptism set up for today
right?" we were like..."uh no what baptism." so apparently nobody told
us we were putting on a youth baptism in 3 hours... it was crazy we
were frantically calling everyone trying to set up this baptism driving
from Centreville to Ashburn! my it was hectic! but Ian was baptized
and it was such an awesome experience! nothing like planning an entire
baptism in 3 hours! it was very spiritual! anyways after that we went
to another baptism down in Centreville for Leo! it was another
wonderful experience!

now for my favorite part of this letter...On Saturday between the
baptisms we were tracting and contacting people. We met this guy named
Tahir and he told us to come back at 8 that night. we were like
"sounds good!!" we come back and there is a big party going on at his
house and Elder Holdaway goes "Whats the worst that could happen? they
are all indian!" Tahir motions us to come around to the back of the
house and we are all sketching now. they have this big fire pit going
and we go down into the basement. we walk inside and there are easily
40 men just staring at wasn't even staring it was the evil
eye! so turns out they were all Muslim. I was sketching the whole
time. Tahir takes us upstairs and feeds us this crazy Pakistani food
it was like a buffet. it was gross (Kari you gotta try this stuff
cause you love trying weird food.) anyways we went back down to the
basement and I sat next this old man in white robes and I asked where
he was from...he leans over to me and says "I am from Pakistan...We
are all from Pakistan!" then leans back and says a few things in
Arabic to me which I had no idea what he was saying hahah. We had
several people come and tell us that the Book of Mormon is false and
tried preaching about the muslin scripture the Quran. the tension was
so real in that home so we left right after we ate. IT WAS SO CRAZY!
haha haha anyways church was good yesterday and teaching seminary was
fun this morning!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and remember what you are
thankful for!! I am thankful for each of you and for you examples that
you are to me!!

I LOVE YOU ALL! sorry my letter was so long there was alot more to
write but ill keep it short and tell you in person in 16 months;)

Elder Routsong

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