Sunday, February 7, 2016


Friends and family!

Hello hello hello! Happy 2016 everyone! I hope everyone's New Years
was wonderful and adjusting to 2016 is going great! This past week was
alright we didn't have a lot planned and it was kind of a struggle but
we stayed faithful and kept working!! For pday last week we had a
return missionary from our Ward make a ton of foam swords and shields
and we just did was freaking fun! We just Wrecked each
other. It was a nice stress reliever hahahaha. Pday is always nice:)
but yeah we had no appointments that night! We just tracted and tried
to contact some potentials! Then on Tuesday we had zone portion and
district meetings. It was cool because each district was in the same
building and we got to bounce around to each of the district meetings!
I really like being with the whole zone we always have a lot of fun!
During chantillys district meeting they talked a lot about being on
the same page in your companionship. It was really cool cause I leaned
a lot more to do with my future missionary companions so I am pretty
excited. That night we got to play some serious basketball with our
elders quorum it was awesome these guys are total member missionaries
because they bring like 10 non members to play ball with them. So we
try to teach little things to them during breaks and getting water and
stuff like that. We met this less active named mark and are going to
teach him and his non member family sometime this week. I'm very
excited for it! It was a miracle that we have been looking for here!
Wednesday was an alright day for me. We saw no success but I went on
exchanges with elder haddon one of my buddies I served around in
Alexandria 8 months ago! It was fun we got to catch up on a lot and
work super hard! Thursday was a pretty good day though! We had
leadership meeting and talked a lot about key indicators and shot some
hoops for lunch so it was pretty cool! We then went on exchanges with
some elders that have been struggling in our zone and it was really
really good. I love spending time with these elders too I'm sad that
they aren't doing the best but I'm glad that I get to help them in
whatever way I can! Serving is the true way to lose yourself out here!
I love it. For our New Years activity sister huntsman picked the best
two years for us to watch...I was a little ticked off about it but it
was just nice to watch any movie hahah we had a fun time and we all
played this really cool card game called werewolf after! It was dang
fun! A lot different than any New Years I've had! We didn't get to
sleep till like 1 and I was dying the next day! Blah! Nothing really
happened on Friday we just weekly planned and nobody wanted to talk to
us haha it was kinda lame. Then on Saturday we met this man named
shush from southern India. He was a referral from the sisters in
Maryland. It was so awesome we helped him paint the whole inside of
his house! He has two kids named mahi and debanch they are stinking
cool it's like a little Indian version of Emilee mom! Hahahah they are
adorable. The only thing we did that day was paint for him and teach
him while we were painting. They fed us some real Indian was
interesting...then for Sunday I bore my testimony and went back to
painting at his house it was s good week! Lots of interesting stuff
and mostly people didn't want to talk to is but we still found success
even though it was way hard!! Love you all!!!!
Love elder Routsong

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