Monday, February 29, 2016

Langley Ward

Friends and family!

How is everyone doing this lovely week?! wow it seems like these
Mondays just keep flying by so dang fast! and I cant believe that
tomorrow is the start of March! Thats just plain nuts! this week was
pretty good for us though! I got to see a miracle on Sunday but we will
get to that later! For pday last week we just played some basketball
in Annandale for basically the entire day! I'm getting better and
better. Monday night we went bowling with a family for family home
evening. It was pretty sweet! Bowled a 120 so that was pretty cool.
Tuesday was a pretty sweet day we went down to Ft Belvoir on exchanges
with the assistants. It was awesome. Ft Belvoir is so sweet. I was
with my former companion Elder Blanchard. It was a good time we had a
solid day we just went finding! Then we went to outback for dinner!
That night we had a fun time talking and joking around with the
assistants. Wednesday nothing much happened just went to physical
therapy it was awesome. I totally want to go to school for it.
Thursday we went to the office so it was a normal day! Friday we had
to get our car fixed and we had nothing to do so we weekly planned for
a long time. It was boring but it's all good! Saturday was such a good
day though! We had our zone finding fest! So we literally tracted the
entire day. It was so sweet. I taught two first lessons to Max and
Terasinia. Ha it was so awesome!  They were super nice and the
Tyron's wards missionaries are going to meet with Her! That night we had dinner with a member and shared our ysa mission plan and he accepted
and was pretty excited about doing some missionary work! Things are good! Sunday was a miracle though! The Cooley family was baptized in
the Arlington 2nd Ward there was 7 people baptized at the same time...
It was so amazing. Coolest baptism I've ever been to! So that was
basically it! I'm doing good and miss you all so much! Have a wonderful week! Love you!

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