Monday, February 22, 2016

Tommy's Baptism!

How is everyone doing this week?! Life in Virginia is going pretty
well! Learning so much here and meeting some pretty awesome people.
Last pday was kinda a lame one! We got snowed in and couldn't drive. I
had some bad cabin fever! Hahaha but we got through it! The freezing
rain here is pretty crazy though!  Tuesday morning we played some
basketball with the Oakton elders. It was super fun cause they are
really good! I'm getting better and better at ballin out's
like all I do in my free time hahaha. Because we weren't allowed to
leave the house on Monday we got some time to go to the grocery store
on Tuesday afternoon. I also hit up the quicksilver outlet and they
were closing so everything was 80% was nice. That evening we
met with an investigator from the Brambleton Ward named Trey. He is
awesome. He is a big history buff and also served in the marine core.
I'm super happy he is getting baptized he will be great! Wednesday we
had zone training. I was super nervous for it this time around even
though I've given a lot. It went pretty well though. We presented on
how to deal with stress and also our purpose as missionaries.
Everything we do should be focused on the life of the Savior, the
atonement, the resurrection, and the restoration of the priesthood
and temple ordinances. If we aren't helping people understand those
key principals than they cannot progress! After zone training I went
on exchanges with Elder Bouck In the Vienna Ward. We worked super
hard! I love being on foot as a missionary being in a car area isn't
the same... We talked to people at the metro for awhile and then some
Jehovah witness came up to us and wanted to bash with us. I was like
nah. But we did talk and they turned out to be pretty nice. We just
have different views. They talked to us for like an hour. We then came
back for some dinner. We made Elder Bouck drink a pizza smoothie
hahahahaha we blended up a totinos pizza with ranch, Alfredo sauce and
milk. Hahahahaha it was so nasty! Elder Bouck said it wasn't that bad
but it looked so nasty! Hahahaha it was hilarious. Thursday we taught
 a less active in our ward. The lessons with him are always
frustrating cause he tries to talk about the weirdest stuff. For
example he wanted to talk to us about space vampires and how we can't
see them cause telescopes have mirrors in them...hahaha gah it's
frustrating. But we all still feel the spirit when we read with him
and pray with him. That night we went to the Cheesecake Factory with
Dustin and the sisters. It was dang fun. Dustin was inactive and is
now returning to Church. He is my favorite. He plays semi pro football
in Maryland as a wide receiver. He is a boss. So that was a fun time.
Friday we had weekly planning and then we went to Marie's house. She
is awesome. She's from Sierra Leone. She made us peanut butter soup.
I've heard about this stuff my whole mission about how nasty it is.
But people are wrong. It is dang good. I was pounding it. African food
is like a hit or miss. Peanut butter soup is so dang good. Saturday
was my favorite day of this week though. We drove up to Ashburn for
Tommys baptism. Tommy is an amazing young man and I am so happy that I
got to be a part of his conversion to the gospel. He is 12 years old
and is going to do amazing things in his life. He is so focused on the
scriptures and becoming a better person. He is a great example to me.
His baptism was very spiritual and happy moment for all of us that
worked with him. What a great day. I love being a missionary for
moments like that! As we walked out of the baptism Elder Perkins of
the quorum of the 70 walked in the building. We got to see him and
feel of his wonderful spirit. So awesome! That afternoon we played
some football with Dustin. It was a good time he took us to Freddy's
afterward and we talked about missionary work with him. Dustin is a
bro. On Sunday we taught this Muslim guy who wasn't very interested.
He just wanted to talk about Muslim Faith for 4 hours. But we
committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon so that was
pretty cool. This week was just awesome. The mission is so hard
sometimes but the experiences I had this week make it so worth it. I
miss each of you so much! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Routsong

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