Monday, September 19, 2016

Song of the Road

Friends and family!

Hey everyone! These weeks just fly so fast it seems. My mission is
getting faster and faster and I can't believe it. I'm so not ready to
be a normal person again haha. This week was really good for us here
in Sterling Virginia! We actually had a lot tosh we accomplished this
week! I have some exciting news I'll share later in the email :)
Monday of last week was super relaxing...just another nice day spent
at top golf :) I really love that place. My swing is getting good!
After pday we went to visit our member mike Jimenez. He is awesome.
Tuesday was district meetings and we had combined district meeting
with the leesburg district. It was a lot of fun! I presented about
faith and its role in our lives as members of the church. Without
faith we can't see or preform miracles for other people's salvation!
Without faith In Jesus Christ we cannot overcome our trails and
weakness. My good friend elder prince talked about divine potential.
It was really really good. After district meeting I went on exchanges
with elder hild. Haha he is fetching funny. We went and did some
service for this Vietnamese lady. Her house is crazy.
I mowed the lawn and moved a few things around in the yard while hild
just chilled on a lawn chair. I was ticked! Ha. Hoa feed us this weird
fruit. It tasted pretty good though. She was begging us to go to this
restaurant with her to eat this weird stuff called "FUH" hahaha no
clue what that is! That night my good friend Eder from the Langley
ward took is out for pupusas. Wednesday we taught this awesome lady
. She is so cool she reminds me of a few people I've
taught. She is a single mother of a two year old son named bastion.
They are from Haiti. Super smart lady. We taught her the plan of
salvation. She wasn't very open for us but when the lesson ended she
really seemed to open up. She loved studying about Joseph smith. That
afternoon we taught this less active guy from India.
he looks at me and says "your name means song of the road...."
Hahahaha he is a total homie. We love spending time with him.
Thursday we read the scriptures with the Esquivel family. They were so
excited to read with us actually which is a huge change. Friday we
went to the mission home for a district leader training meeting. All
the dls in the mission got instructed by president. It was super fun.
I learned a lot and it's always good spending time with president and
sister huntsman. I love them so much! :) we ate dinner with this less
active family. . They are awesome. Saturday we played soccer
and then drove out lovetsville Virginia to help with a big service
project. It's in the middle of nowhere near West Virginia. I loved
every minute of it. We also took Dave to a Spanish baptism in
leesburg. He loved it! Sunday we had to teach a surprise lesson in
Sunday school. It was great! The best news I have though is at the end
of our elder quorum lesson Dave Marr our investigator getting baptized
on the 1st turns to me and says "Elder Routsong I've prayed about it
and I want you to baptize me." I was shocked. I almost cried. I love
Dave so much. This week was incredible! Love you all have the best
Elder Routsong

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