Friday, May 1, 2015

Another week!

Hello hello everybody! Another week down? Wow! This week really flew by it was insane! So we are doing pretty good here! We have been knocking door after door after door.... Yeah I've talked to some pretty interesting people it's been a blast haha but it makes time fly! It's so funny cause on the mission the days have no relevance so you will hear people be like "oh yeah it's Friday yessss!" And as a missionary you just think of it as another proselyting day Hahaha it's pretty interesting. OH! Keith and Rhiannon congratulations on graduating from BYU! Man I wish I could have been there to see you but your pictures looked so awesome and that one of Emilee wearing those glasses is hilarious I laughed for about 20 minutes at that picture hahaha did you ever see sister Nixon!? I hope so! The Nixon's are awesome... What did you all do when momma and grandma were down there? I hope that it was a blast! So Keith and Rhiannon when are you moving to Nebraska? Oh yeah, I'm dying here the members have only been feeding us twice a week so yeah it's rough just eating pb&j all meals of the day but I'm sure it's not as bad as Kari eating like cow brains and junk like that hahaha. It's all good we have been working super hard and actually found 7 new investigators this week. We have been having some trouble contacting some of them again but the main bummer is that the guy Daniel we are teaching we may have to drop him cause of the drug and rehab programs he's in cause they don't know who we are... Yeah it is hard. So we are trying to find a way around that to be able to teach him again cause he is so cool! Seriously we have just been knocking doors all week... We have given out 16 book of Mormons since Tuesday and have gotten 9 new investigators... But unfortunately we set up return appointments and they aren't there or don't answer their phone... Lame. Yeah but we are working super hard out here it's great! Seriously it feels like I wake up and then it's a blur then we go back to bed. Haha I love it. Seriously. Oh mom and dad! Would you please send me a picture of me throwing the disc and a picture of my beautiful truck? Thanks :) everyone I want you all to look up the song "crossfire" by Brandon flowers. It's so dang good. Elder Johnson showed it to me the other day and I loved it. Oh we went on exchanges on Friday so I went to the Franconia area with Elder Johnson. I was nervous for exchanges cause I didn't know Elder Johnson very well... Turns out he is a total bad a. He plays video games and football like me! Oh and he also loves rock music and world of Warcraft (Zach) hahaha we talked all day while driving around looking for less actives and recent converts. We also talked about avenged sevenfold and system of a down and all that good stuff! We talk about the office all the time as a district! Haha it's great. So the word we use for a slacker here is "pile" it's so funny. So sorry mom today we went to Walmart and I had 42 dollars on my mission card and I spent 43... So I had to use my debit card... Will you tell me my balance on that one? Dang I'm sorry I feel bad about that! So it's been like super Rainey here it suckkkks! But it's kinda fun to walk outside in it cause it's pretty warm! And you know what they say.. Every time you walk In the rain your wife gets even prettier... Hahaha I'm a lame corny missionary now.... Hahah but it's great!! So on Saturday for exchanges we went to a baptism her name is Whitney and she is soooo cool! The baptism was awesome it was my first convert baptism and it was so spiritual there!!! I want a baptism so dang bad! So the main guy we are teaching named Daniel said we can't really see him in person Anymore only can call him on the phone... If we want to see him we have to get drug tested and screened by the addiction recovery program that he is on... It's so dang sad I was super disappointed when he told us that... We had to drop another investigator named Josie last week too cause she told us to.. Dang it. But we have found a decent teaching pool. With regards to teaching the lessons I feel like I'm doing okay! Elder Adair mostly talks and I just try to compliment what he says but I take the lead in tracting which is crazy... It's fun and we have had some dang crazy experiences as eEder Johnson was saying most people here are two fruit loops short of a whole bowl hahahaha. Sister Kari Routsong HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! And RHIANNON! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY! I miss you all a lot and wish I could be there for your birthdays have a good one! Geese that's crazy then Kayla and Emilees are next month too! Oh and I get to skype home on May 10th yesss! Oh hey mom I got a haircut last night hahah Elder Johnson gave me one and it looks pretty good I don't look like a goober anymore with long hair. I was nervous cause we were at the baptism on Saturday and President Riggs showed up and I was nervous he was going to say something about my hair hahah! Anyways I hope you all have a great week and I love and miss you all a lot!!! 

Elder Routsong 

P.s. Look up the song "harvest this field" by Brandon Heith. It's about missionary work and I love it :) oh yeah 13 days until I skype home :) 

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