Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Week!

Hey hey hey Everybody!!!
Sooooooo how is everybody doing this week!? HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILEE!! 6 years old today wow!!!! This week has been pretty crazy! So we went to mini golf on Monday it was so legit its at this place called top golf. It's $9 for unlimited mini golf! Yeah and there are 36 darn holes in two courses!! We heard some people yelling at us from the driving range  (which is sick! Dad we are going there when you pick me up) yeah so we were just like okay and went on playing... Turns out it was president Riggs and the assistants....hahah holy cow president Riggs is pretty baller at golf. We went up to see them after playing cause we finally saw them as we were walking out. Yeah it was a good pday!
This week has been pretty darn good. We have been meeting with this lady named Norma from Guatemala. She is so cool! I really hope she takes our commitments seriously. So far she has, but she is really skeptical about the Book of Mormon. She sticks to her bible. We meet with her tonight so I hope she has prayed and received some personal revelation about the power of the Book of Mormon and the bible! 
Tuesday was our celebration for transfers we had a little mini party at Robecks which is a smoothie place, to send off Elder Johnson.  He is going to be a traveling assistant to the president this last transfer of his mission. Elder Johnson is a beast I'm so glad I met that guy he is hilarious!
So Wednesday we had some training in the morning and it was a blast! We were taught about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion. It was pretty amazing and I took a lot from it. We need to recognize the spirit and if we don't, our investigators won't either!! We have been tracting a whole lot this week as usual! Thursday was transfers and Elder Adair and I stayed here in Kingstowne! Elder Haddon is with Elder Stenquist and we have a lot of fun! We went on a "blitz" with the other elders so we tracked the Franconia area and the Kingstowne area. It was so dang fun! I got a lesson with a Muslim guy!! I told him about living prophets and he loved it! His name is Mohammad. We have a return appointment this Saturday! The people in the Franconia area were so darn rude...glad I am not there.  Friday we just worked and had no real luck!! Saturday either!! On Sunday we had church and went tracting. We went to this area called Rockshire. We had a lesson with this guy and his wife came home and she grilled us for an HOUR. We literally said no words... Her name was Olga and she was from Russia.
Yeah, my week was pretty baller here just working hard every darn day sweating my face off every day. Seriously, once you walk out every morning it hits you like you just got out of a steam shower... Oh this morning we went to the gym cause Elder Haddon and I are crazy about lifting and we went hard!! I benched 225 for 3 sets of 10 yeahhhhhhh budddddddyyyyyyyyy!! (Dalvin). It was a good morning lifting and I have been losing weight! I. Pretty sure I'm close to 10 pounds! It's cause we bike every darn day! And we don't get fed  much, but I don't mind I'm losing weight and working out so its chill! Anyways, on a more spiritual note I want you all the read the talk "Approaching the Throne of God With Confidence" it is an amazing talk. It tells us that when we are feeling unworthy of God's presence we need to repent or change because satan is influencing our thoughts to make us feel terrible before the eye's of God when in reality we are completely worthy! I feel like this is a problem that most members of the church have including myself. After reading this talk my mind was blown! It has changed the way I look at myself as a member of the church and as a full time missionary. Ahhh I love it! So I started reading the New Testament this week and it is awesome! I've almost finished all of Matthew and now I can watch some bible stories online and know exactly the verses hahaha I know I'm terrible with the bible. Most people are catholic here so I need to learn my bible better. Oh this week has been crazy it's been super rainy and it is weird, the rain is super warm and so is the wind... nothing like Colorado haha! We got super soaked on Friday daaaang! People were laughing at us as the drove by and I was just like dang it... Oh well it's a good work! We also get flipped off pretty often Haha. And this teenage kid drove by us one day and yells "GOD ISNT REAL". He stopped at the stop light and I stood there and smiled at him he was so nervous haha it was hilarious. Hey momma, I got both of your packages this week! Yessss thank you they are awesome! My ties look so fresh!:) and the food you sent made my whole week! Yes! What is new at home!? I hope all is well keep me posted on everything everybody!! Love you all
Elder Routsong


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