Monday, May 11, 2015

Hi Everyone!

Hey hey hey hey! How is everyone doing!? This week was pretty darn interesting ha there was a lot going on! I hope all is well with everyone!! This week was also a lot of door knocking haha! It's a serious problem cause we can find like 9 investigators but they never call us back or answer the door!! Oh so we had an awesome experience yesterday! We knocked on this door of this total hillbilly house full of trucks and trailers and this HUGE guy comes out all tattooed up and with a beard... Needless to say I didn't want to talk to him.. But turns out he is a super nice guy! His name is Joey! He is great and we gave him a Book of Mormon and a return appointment for this Saturday!! Oh we just got back from Walmart and I am straight broke basically cause I bought a 12 pack of Baja blast!! So on Thursday we had zone conference! It lasted literally all dang day! But president Riggs was there and he is just the man I love him and he shares the coolest stories. He is also one of the most spiritual people I've ever met!! Keith and Rhiannon are back home now huh? That's awesome I wish I could hangout with you all! Seriously though, I am excited to skype you all this Sunday :) I am going to make a new account with my church email! KAYLA I HOPE YOU HAD A HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!!! Seriously! I was singing happy birthday to you on my bike yesterday In the melting sun haha:) dang you're 17 now!! Woah. I was talking to elder Adair the other day and I blew my mind cause I thought the next time I see will be in college... What the heck!? And Emilee will be baptized and Kari will probably be married! Dang. Yeah so that's pretty crazy. Oh yesterday we had a dinner with a recent convert sister Reyes and her family and brother Pocock and his children it was fun and the picture is of us. Brother Pocock reminds me of Andy! He is so cool and he has the same amount of kids as Andy and Stephanie! The most I have biked my whole mission was yesterday so I wanted to die I was totally covered in sweat.... It was a successful day we passed out 4 book of Mormons and got 3 new investigators! Still nobody has committed to baptism :/ but it's okay. (Mom i promise I am working hard out here!) haha everyday is like a blur it goes by so fast and it seems like I'm waking up in two seconds... Idk if I told you all last week but we got a gym membership and it's pretty nice!! We only get an hour to lift though! So the past two weeks we have had stake conference and it has been awesome!! I highly suggest that you all go back and read "The Comforter" by President Eyring! It's such an awesome talk! It seems like the stuff I am learning here is too much!! Haha it's like drinking out of a fire hose! It's the best though. I've been learning how to own people with the one lord one faith one baptism though Haha it's pretty funny:)  Well I am super excited to see you all on skype next weekend:) what else is new at home? Kayla what presents did you get for you bday!? Kari Kari are you almost ready to come home!? Life is great and very simple here just work work work all day everyday! I hope you all have a great week love you all! Oh we went to Ft. Hunt park for a zone activity and it was bomb! Look a pictures of it it's beautiful! 
Elder Routsong 

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