Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Hello hello!! How is everyone doing!? I hope Mother's Day was a huge
success for everyone! Skyping back home yesterday was great and I
needed it A lot!! So..... this week has been pretty eventful! We have been
doing a lot of tracting! Yeah, so this is one of those emails where I
look back on the week and I have no idea what we actually did cause we
were so darn busy! But after emails we went to a bbq and it was
a lot of fun we went with  4 other elders in the district
it was a lot of fun!  We had a half mission conference and
we read Nehemiah chapter 6-9.
Read the story it's about fasting and rebuilding ourselves! It's
pretty darn good! President Riggs is just the best... He is amazing!
We have been challenged to be more bold in our missionary work! We
have been working also on "going holland" on people hahahaha it's
hilarious!! Yeah it was great! So this week we met a lady named Ellen
she is super super nice and we recited the first vision with her and
she said she felt something in the pit of her stomach! She also said
that we were meant to see her that God sent us... We are hoping to
bring her to church next week! Oh we had a rando dropped investigator
show up the church and go for all three hours!! When he introduced
himself in Elders Quorum he thanked us for showing up to his house!
Too bad he is going to New York for three weeks... Dang it!! Oh I read
a sweet talk this week!! It's called "The Reason For Our Hope" by
President Packer! It's so darn awesome! So this week has been pretty busy!
Last night we were supposed to have a lesson at 7 but turns out he
wasn't home surprise surprise! Hahah it's all good! Today we woke up
and had studies and then went shopping at Walmart. We got some Taco
Bell and are going to go mini golfing after emails so it's $9 for 36
holes of mini golf here! Sick huh? Darn it was so good seeing you all
yesterday Emilee has a funny way of counting in Spanish haha and
peaches and cream hahaha Dan, that was the first thing I asked yesterday
when I skyped!! Hahaha I well I hope you all have a great week! I miss
and love you all!! Keep sending me great emails!! Oh this picture is
pretty funny and self explanatory! Love you all!!

Elder Routsong

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