Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi Everyone!


Hiiiiiiii! So this week has been pretty darn baller!!! After our tour
of the Capitol building last week we were walking to the car from the
metro station and the rain came down hard on us!! We were soaked! The
tie I was wearing that mom just sent me got ruined! Dang it! It was
that nice blue one too! Mom my favorite tie that you have sent me is
that purple one by the way!:) wow so this week was busy we helped a
part member family from the Franconia ward move in to this super nice
apartment complex on Tuesday and she bought all of us smash burger
after the move because we had to carry all her furniture down this
hallway that was like 100 yards long it was crazy... I made a joke
saying that Tuesday was our pday number two hahah yeah my back was
dying!! But she bought us smash burger so I was cool with it. On
Wednesday we went to district meeting and we were walking out and this
random person gave each missionary 4 ten dollar gift cards to
McDonald's...pretty legit huh? Yeah we have been doing a lot of
tracting around here it's been pretty great. We have have been
teaching this guy in our ward named Josh. He is a super awesome he
used to be addicted to drugs and alcohol and has been clean for 8
years now. He is going to the temple soon and the bishop asked us to
reteach the lessons to him! Yeah this transfer is pretty crazy so far.
We have passed out like 30 book of Mormons this week and people love
it but they will NEVER give us a return appointment dang it!! It's
just part of the work I guess. We asked president Riggs for
suggestions and I am hoping that he will come tracting with us. He is
a baller when he goes tracting. The elders will street contact and if
they get denied he will wait or walk somewhere else where the person
the elders contacted and say to them "did you realize what you just
did?" And then he goes on and says "you just denied angles sent from
God!" Hahahah I want to see him do it so bad he kicks their butts!
Let's see on Wednesday we went over to the fitzgeralds house for
dinner they are so much fun! Thursday was the bad day I was trunky in
the morning it was raining and we were weekly planning which is not a
good combination. But as Dwight shrute would say "my feelings
regenerate three times faster than the average human being" haha So
I'm good. Friday was just a lot of knocking doors and we helped out
this lady named Ronnie with her yard. She is funny! We go there every
week to do service for her and she smokes like three packs of
cigarettes while we are there hahahaha. On Saturday we went on a blitz
with the Franconia elders. It means that you do tracting in both of
your areas. I was with Elder Haddon in the Franconia area and we
contacted this guy named Wesley and Preston. They had some great
questions about the church! I didn't even know what I was saying but
all my answers were right! It's amazing how the spirit can work
through us... Wow! Okay this morning we had a Memorial Day breakfast
it was great and our ward is great! We played flashball which is like
ultimate frisbee with a football. And I was bombing it down the field
to the priests yeah it was fun! Anyways It's now time to give you all
some homework! It's the story "repentance is real" it's on the April
2015 ensign. I love it. The last paragraph says "If we ever find
ourselves thinking we’ve fallen too far for Heavenly Father to rescue
us, let us remember we can turn to Him and that through the miraculous
Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can be made new. All is not lost, for
with God our potential is endless." I couldn't agree more with this
statement. Everyone it's simple... God love us and he literally gave
the hardest and greatest gift to us. His son. The atonement is a
powerful thing and I am so happy that God was willing to give his
perfect son to us. We are so imperfect! We need to use the enabling
power of the atonement for everything in our lives! I am eternally
grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ. I want you all to watch
the Because He Lives video on It puts the atonement and
resurrection in a better way than I could say it. I know this church
is true and I know that we have a living prophet on the earth today
that loves us deeply! I hope everyone has a great week and stay safe!
Enjoy Memorial Day and thank those people that lay their lives down
for our freedoms! Love you all!
Elder Routsong

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