Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another Great week!

Family and friends!

Hello hello! How is everyone doing!? This week was pretty good! We had a lot a lot of unexpected service! This was great! For pday on Monday we went to President Huntsman"s house for a zone activity! It was so much fun! Literally played volleyball as a zone the whole time! It was super super fun! After pday we went to go and teach the Wampler family! They are great people! We taught them about sharing the gospel with their friends because school just started last week! Pretty crazy! Everyone back home has been in school for what seems like a century! On Tuesday we went up to Vienna to get my back looked at! It's doing okay just getting it realigned every week! Then we had to go get new tires for our took forever! We were in Gainesville and decided to do some tracting while we waited for our car! We found this sweet lady named Louise for the Gainesville sisters! I'm jealous! She is so awesome! Then we taught a great family,named the Williams they are less active! Wednesday was a pretty good day though! We had district meeting and it went pretty well:)  That afternoon we taught this guy named Robert and invited him to be baptized! He said yes! He said it's like he is sick at the hospital and we as the church have the medicine! That's so awesome! Too bad he is moving October 5th! Dangit!!! That evening Elder Jones and I went to go help this  family move in! It was so much fun! They were straight crazy! We said a prayer with them and invited them to the why I believe fireside! It's going o be sweet to see them there! Before the move though I helped this lady change a tire on her car that rusted on to it! I thought I was going to take the car off the jack cause I had both my feet up on the car pulling the tire off! Haha but I got it off! Yes!! The only highlight for Saturday was just this guy was off to the side of the road and he didn't have any gas and was late to work...Elder Snow and I went to get him some gas! They really appreciated it and it made me feel really good! We had a lot of good conversations this week but nothing really happened other than that! We had some good times with members and all! It's been so hot this week! We walked pretty much every single day! It was crazy hot outside... Holy cow I wanted to die! Lots of members bought us food and stuff so it was great!  Sunday was good we had tropical church! None of our investigators came! I was pretty upset about that! MOM and Family! I got your stuff throughout the week! Thank you so much! It's made my week! I'm so thankful for you all!! Thanks for all that you do for me and the great examples that you are!! Anyways that's this week! Sorry this letter was all over the place!! My birthday is going good we went bowling and are playing some dodgeball! It's been a lot a lot of fun. I can't believe I'm 21... Geeze I'm too old...HAVE A GREAT WEEK LOVE YOU!! Sorry for the crazy out of track letter! Trying to type while dodgeballs are flying past! Love you,

Elder Routsong 

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