Thursday, September 3, 2015

Vint Hill

Hello friends and family! 

How are you all doing his wonderful amazing awesome week!! For pday last week we went to the zoo! It was so sweet! The pandas were a big deal there because they just recently had babies! It was dope. Right after pday we had a lesson with a less active who is so awesome and her kids are really sweet too! We taught them the plan of salvation and it was just a super super powerful lesson! They loved it! I also told them to watch the baby monkey riding backwards on a pig video...hopefully they watched it hahah. Tuesday we had a pretty boring boring day gah!! But we taught a lesson about the priesthood  to a lessand he loved it! We gave him section 84 of the doctrine and covenants to read! His name is Tom. He is a pro. Love that dude.  Also in the morning we did some service for a less active named dan! He is a sicko! He has this huge hobby farm. It's just filled with a bunch of crap! I felt like I was in a grand theft auto mission cause of all the swearing that was going on there! It was fun though :) we helped him fix up this really old Cadillac! Wednesday was a sick day! We had district meetings and I had this awesome lesson planned about the atonement to teach but that morning as I was reading from the Book of Mormon out of Helaman I felt like we should read Helaman chapter 5! It was such a good conversation we had about it! It talks about Nephi and Lehis missionary work among the lamanites! I related it to our missionary work in the dc south mission! Best mission in the world...suckers! After district meeting we had exchanges with the zone leaders! I got to spend the rest of the time with elder Christensen! He is so awesome! We had to run to the office for supplies and it was just a good time! That evening we found some kids playing basketball they were so ghetto...I didn't understand a single word that they were saying..."we gon play five ya hur!" Or something crazy like that hahah. It was fun they asked us about or missionary work and this random old guy walks up to me and asks if I have Tik takes cause I'm wearing dress pants...hahahah so funny! We then walked around the city of Manassas for awhile street contacting! It was a good time and I learned a lot from elder Christensen! Great missionary! Thursday was great we taught tony and Kingsley and Kingsley is still on track to be baptized! We committed him to life the word of wisdom which is a huge accomplishment...hahaha tony dropped us.. Darn oh well though that's how missionary work goes. On Friday we had a lesson and our ward mission leader was with us  but it fell through. We were really depressed but I remembered president telling us that if we had a lesson scheduled and it fell through you still need to teach the lesson and the lord will prepare a way for you to teach the lesson. I frantically was looking for people to teach! Elder snow and I thought we would take our ward mission leader over to a part member family and we taught them! It was a victory for us. He really likes us now and he is a Broncos fan so... Yes. So Saturday was by far the best day of this entire week! We went on a zone FINDING FURY! Which means that the whole zone is going to tract from 12-9 yes that's right... Noon till 9 at night! It was crazy. We had exchanges and everything set up! So from noon till 5 I was with elder Justicen. He is a Spanish elder so I mostly went around the entire day tryi to speak the little Spanish I know. Needless to say I was laughed at pretty hardcore...ha it was very embarrassing.  But we had a great time! A member even bought us some slurpees! We all met up as a zone for dinner and played some knockout and ate sandwiches! Wow that was the best dinner of my mission so far. I don't think I have laughed that hard in awhile...we have some funny missionaries here in the centerville zone. That evening I was with elder jones a zone leader! He is a sicko! I love elder jones! We were working in the Haymarket area tracting and we were let in by this guy named Kenny! He grew up in mobile Alabama and he is childhood friends with CJ MOSLEY and AJ MCCARRON! Holy crud. Elder jones and I flipped out! He is a good Christian man too! We taught him the respiration and as o was quoting the first vision he started to cry his eyes out...this big guy starts to ball his eyes out... We committed him to be baptized and he accepted! The Haymarket sisters are lucky to have that guy. He is great. I felt the spirit so strongly when we taught him. After we taught him we went over to Gainesville where this old man got in my face and started yelling at me. I was ticked. Whenhe was done yelling I knocked he door next to his and he called the police on us haha. Oh people. Why you gotta be so mean...? Then we were working in our area and the poor sister missionaries got the police called on them too! Geeze! Anyways Saturday was a great day! And so was Sunday! We didn't do much except for walk for miles and miles.. But it was great! Anyways that was my week! I hope that life at home is going very very good! I miss you all and please send me pictures! Have a great week! Geese next pday I will be turning I'll be a dinosaur... BLAH! LOVE YOU!
Elder Routsong 

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