Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Well..... I'm a Zone Leader now... And I live in a town house!

Hello hello everyone! 

I really hope that everything is going good back in the homeland! I love seeing your emails and pictures throughout the week! It's so good that you all are doing good! I MISS YOU! So after pday last week I was just super exhausted but we went out and we worked super hard! This past week has just really been a blur for me...there was a lot that happened and a few big changes. So if I ramble in this letter just know that's the reason why! So Tuesday was a super crazy day! We had nothing really going on in the morning except we went to go see doctor Adams over In the Vienna Ward so that he could fix my old man back...grrr! It felt sooo good though and it actually got me through the rest of the week! That evening we decided to go and see a member in our Ward who has been struggling after getting a double lung transplant and as we were pulling up we get a call from president Huntsman............ We almost died. But it was a good call!!! President told Elder Snow that he will be training and that I will be a ZONE LEADER! What the actual heck!? Seriously... I thought I was just going to stay a district leader in Vint hill. So yeah that's pretty darn crazy and most of the reason why I am overwhelmed! Haha but it's a good thing!! So Wednesday has probably been one of my favorite days of the mission so far! I conducted district meetings and I talked about the power of the atonement...I love the atonement!!! It's the reason why I am out serving my mission! Anyways... I taught about that and then we drove to Haymarket to have a district bbq! It was so much fun! I was grillmaster and I tried to be as good as my dad is in the grill! I marinated some chicken and cooked some burgers! So mama you would be proud I hope! Haha after that bbq we went back to the apartment and I had to pack up all my stuff! That evening we went and said bye to the bishop and then had a wonderful and very powerful lesson with my investigator Kathy! She is the best! She was sad that I was leaving when we were walking up to the door she said "how dare you leave!" She is so awesome!!!!  Then on Thursday I figured out I was going to be the Centerville zone leader with Elder Blanchard!! That guy is so sick! I love him! He is actually my step brother in the mission! And wait...it gets better...I live in a TOWN HOME! It's so sweet we have a three story townhouse to ourselves... Living the highlife I guess... I am In the Tall Cedars area and it's in Loudoun country...the richest county in the country...heck yeah! So life is going good! Just pretty overwhelmed with being a zone leader. So this area we are working with several less active families! The Fuentes family is one of them and their son Christopher isn't a member and we invited him to be baptized but his momma j won't let us. So awkward... But anyways this was awesome and I am doing pretty well! My grandson is Elder Evans and he is from ST George but I don't know much about him! He seems cool though! Anyways that's all that's going on with me!! Have a great week and know that I love you all and miss you very much!!
Elder Routsong 

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