Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Life in Virginia


Hey hey how is everyone doing this wonderful week! Holy cow this week was pretty intense and a lot of fun as well!! Haha it was one of those weeks that took forever though! Also, I've been 21 for an entire week... Geeze that's crazy. Happy birthday to Matthew! Love ya buddy! Yeah this week was pretty darn good it just felt like an eternity! So after pday last week we went over to a recent convert house to celebrate my birthday it was great and I love that family!! Then we visited the Blackmon family and they are studs! On Tuesday we had zone training and it was a really spiritual experience! It was about how we as missionaries only help people with the gospel and invite them to live the gospel the rest is on them! That evening we had dinner with an awesome family the Chunns they are so sweet! Brother Chunn bore a very powerful testimony about the power of the atonement and I was blown away! I love them! That night we taught Beth and Shawn and they basically dropped us...but we aren't giving up on them!! They are too solid to drop us! We are inviting them to the why I believe fireside at the end of the month! Wednesday was another good day this week! Holy cow we got a call from brother Sontos turns out mom is moving in with him. It's kind of a sad story has been divorcing her and taking everything that she ever has. But we helped brother Sontos move some stuff out of his attic and it was really fun because brother Sontos is awesome!  So after we moved some stuff from his attic into  his storage unit  a lady that was driving by saw us loading stuff up and it turns out it was Sister Allred from the Kingstown Ward!! So we had some time to talk about Jackie Merry Secombre. Turns out she's doing pretty well figured out she's going to speak at the new and returning member fire side( turns out she got nervous of something and didn't end up speaking) dangit!  I miss Kingstowne! Anyways, we met Cathy and she was so happy to have  help we even offered to help her paint up the house and she accepted! It was great! That evening we went over to kingsleys house with brother Burge and we taught him the importance of following the ten commandments and also the law of chasity! It was such a great lesson and I felt the spirit so strongly holy cow!! He has quit drinking alcohol the  last two weeks and I've really seen a change in him! I'm so happy! I hope he gets baptized soon!  Thursday was a pretty busy day we had return and report which is a meeting where we talk about how our area is going if we are training a new missionary and we got to see president! I was so happy to see them! I love every second that they are around!! Then right after the meeting we drove to Gainesville to go to a choir rehearsal because we are singing at this big fireside coming up at the end of the month! It was actually really fun...and I hate singing... So that says something... Maybe I'm just changing... Weird. But yeah it was a lot of fun!!! Friday was such a sick day we spent the whole morning working on this farm as a zone! It was so much fun! Elder snow and I just worked the whole time tearing down this chicken coup! It was so dope! At the end we got to knock it down with this huge tractor! I wish I could of gotten some pictures of it! Dang it was so much fun! That evening the Haymarket sisters called us and we got to give a blessing to one of their people that they are working with! She said that she was looking forward to her blessing all day long and we finally gave it to her and she started to cry! It was awesome:)  Saturday we did some service for brother McLaughlin and helped him lay some tile in his house! He is a stud. Then we had a district blitz and we all got shut down by the people so that wasn't very much fun hahah but Sunday was by far my favorite day this week!!!! After Ward council I walk out and I see brother Sprengle! From Colorado!! That's so awesome!! It was really good to see him!! But we also had an investigator Cathy the lady that I talked about earlier! She came to gospel principals with us and she started to cry and say how good of missionaries we were and how excited she is to learn more about Christ and his atonement...I was speechless...it was such an amazing experience... I'm grateful for Cathy and for the time that I get to teach her and be a part of her conversion!! It is so wonderful! I hope everything is going great at home and you are all enjoying life! Stay happy! Thank you for all that you do for me!!!:)
Elder Routsong 

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