Monday, September 19, 2016

IDK about you but I am feeling 22 September 12, 2016

Hello hello!!

Hey everyone! I hope that your past week went really really well! This
week was good but it went fast and slow at the same time ha I don't
know how that works but it happened. Life in Sterling Virginia is
pretty good though. I can't really complain all that much. We have
great people we are teaching! On Monday of last week we went and
played some insane dodgeball at the church. Honestly if you want a
really good workout just play some dodgeball. We were all dying after
we finished. After pday we went to one of my favorite places to go
here! We went to Marie's house to celebrate another missionaries
birthday. She is known as the "mission grandma" she is from Sierra
Leone and loves the missionaries! We love her too! She fed us some
good food. Tuesday we had zone training in the morning and the zone
leaders asked me to teach on obedience. I talked about the 3 reasons
why people are obedient 1. They love blessing 2. The fear God 3. They
love God. It was a pretty good talk then I showed a funny mission
video that was made a long time ago. I then went on exchanges with
elder Marshall. We tracted for hours and hours. We tracted into the
gamarra family in our Ward and they fed us and offered to take us to
lunch the next day for some silpancho (Bolivian dish) it's mega good.
Brother Boehl called us to give a blessing to his wife who had
shoulder surgery. Tuesday night was busy! Wednesday was a very good
day! It was my birthday! I can't believe that i turned 22. It blows my
mind... How did I get to this age? All of age 21 was spent as a
missionary. Pretty crazy huh? The gamarras met us for lunch and it was
fun then I went and bought myself a tie to celebrate. We exchanged
back and then went to dinner at Texas roadhouse with some
missionaries. It was a good time! Elder Benard and I visited some less
actives that night the Reese family and the Clarks. They are great
families just need a little help! Thursday we went and did more
finding and went home teaching with brother Jimenez. They lady we
wanted to teach is less active and was very very unhappy that we were
there. It was sad how rude she was to us..but that's life. We all can
make choices. Friday we weekly planned it so boring! But we have to do
it! That night we got a weird phone call asking if we could help set
up a wedding in the church. It was weird and they wanted us to come
the next day. Saturday was freaking sweet we taught Dave Marr lesson 4
the commandments. It was so spiritual! We love spending time with
Dave. We brought a member whom talked about tithing for like 2 hours
haha it was so long! His name is brother Mitchell and he is this
little old guy who loves talking haha we love him! After the lesson he
took us to firehouse subs for lunch. We went on a blitz with the
Algonkian elders and people were so mean to us holy crap it was
brutal. I really don't have a lot of patience for people at the door
step. I really really don't. We went to the wedding we set up the day
before. It was weird. We didn't know anybody at all. I gained a
testimony of temple marriages as well. Thank goodness. Haha that
wedding just was weird for me. I only want a temple marriage cause I
didn't feel the spirit at all at that wedding. Yeah it was weird.
Hahah anyways enough about marriage.  Sunday we had Dave Marr at
church and he stayed the whole time he's also been reading the Book of
Mormon and praying! I can't wait for his baptism! Ah i know he is
making the best decision he will ever make in his life feeling
completely clean after he comes out of the waters of baptism. Dave is
incredible to me. I look up to him so much. He has taught me so much
about life and the gospel. I feel like a completely different person
from before my mission. I feel the spirit! I see gods hands in my life
and in others! I feel so great! The mission is the easiest hard thing
you will ever do. I love the people of Virginia!  Thank you so much
mom and dad for the birthday packages! My favorite gift was my uvu
shirt hah! Have a great week!
Elder Routsong

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