Monday, September 19, 2016

Big Week In Sterling August 29, 20916

Friends and family.

This week was pretty intense. Lots of change! As many of you know I
hate change! But elder King got transferred and I am training a new
missionary. So crazy! It's been a very productive week though :) I've
been focusing a lot on how God works with me this week. I have a
testimony of the atonement that's for sure. He loves me so much and
can teach me so much just by sending me a green missionary. Amazing.
Monday of last week I was still with my boy elder King. We had fun
going into DC! We checked out the Lincoln memorial and the monument. A
couple missionaries we went with have never been to DC before so those
are usually the first two places ya visit. After those we went and
checked out the air and space museum. That evening we walked and tried
to talk to people we were so dead tired from our trip to DC. I got a
call that night from elder snow sayin that I will be training the new
missionary. I was honestly pretty nervous. Tuesday was district
meeting and we talked about the importance of bearing our testimonies
and it was great I felt really good after it:) we worked the afternoon
in the heat and then elder King wanted to make visits to people to say
goodbye. He got so close with many families here. He loved Sterling
park. Wednesday elder King packed up,his stuff and I went on splits
with the Spanish elders it was pretty nice. Our elders quorum
president took us to longhorn steakhouse to send elder King off. His
name is Paulo he is a total stud. Thursday was transfer day. Woke up
super early to go to the trainers meeting. Also, I've been out for 17
months and I am training when elder adair was training me. Pretty
cool. But I met my greenie. His name is elder Benard. He is a really
cool dude. From bountiful Utah and played baseball and football before
his mission. It's weird he graduated in 2016. Man I'm freaking old
compared to everyone else out here...he is going to be a really good
missionary. That night we went out tracting and he took his doors like
a champion. Did a lot better than me when I was a new missionary! We
did a lot of teaching that night. We taught a Hispanic lady named
Blanca the restoration. She isn't understand the need for the Book of
Mormon. We taught Syd and told him he needs to get baptized. He is
struggling understanding our purpose. Pray for him and then we had a
lesson with a less active family. They are so cool I showed them some
funny videos haha Friday was great hahahaha I feel bad but I pulled a
prank on elder Benard....we had dinner with some members in our ward.
They dressed up like Muslims and we taught them. They freaked out on
us and at the end tried to force us to drink fake vodka hahahaha elder
Benard was nervous but he did a great job I'm glad he isn't mad at me
for it haha the arraya family is my favorite family in the ward. They
fed us a Bolivian dish called silpancha. So good. That night elder
Benard and I had nothing to do with our last 20 minutes before heading
home. We prayed and asked for a teaching opportunity and found a lady
sitting outside! Her name was Terry and we taught he about the Book of
Mormon. What a great experience! God answered our prayer. Saturday we
played soccer in the morning with our investigator almumy. We also had
a lesson with Dave Marr. This lesson with Dave was incredible! He has
struggled with addiction and lack of belonging and peace. We invited
him to be baptized on October the 1st and he accepted. I was so happy
I actually had some tears in my eyes.. Dave has struggled for too long
and he is finally repenting and accessing the atonement of Jesus
Christ. I love Dave. We also read the Book of Mormon with Eric and
then with the esquivels. They are both awesome we read 1 Nephi chapter
8 with Danny esquivel. Probably my favorite chapter of the Book of
Mormon. Sunday Dave came to church and loved it! People were very nice
to him and he is starting to give up coffee and alcohol. So cool. We
taught his Spanish guy named Francisco and he could really understand
us Hahahah we couldn't pass up the opportunity to teach though from
tracting! We also had a lesson with brief Rivera and his kids. They
are funny. They love Pokemon go. Wow this week we worked so dang hard.
And taught so much. I'm so grateful for this week. It was awesome for
elder Benard and I am grateful to be his trainer and to learn from
him. I love this gospel and I love teaching the gospel to those who
cannot find it on their own. Christ is my best friend and I know he
loves me. Have s wonderful week everyone! There is so much more that
happened this week but I've already written a novel Haha love you!
elder Routsong

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