Monday, September 19, 2016

Another Week September 5 206

Hello hello!

This week was pretty pretty good! We had a pretty good amount of
success! Today at church was quite possibly the weirdest elders quorum
lesson I've ever been a part of but everything works out! Last Monday
we went and played some football! There is a missionary that asked me
to help train him to play at BYU! Ha I only coached freshman football
so I mustered up all my football knowledge and tried to help him out a
little at the field. He worked out hard and it was fun coaching a
little bit again. I loved my time with the freshman football team I
hope to do it again one day. We had more elders there and we played
some touch football before coming back home and pday was over. I also
got a haircut  by some lady who couldn't speak English...I said I
wanted a 2 on my sides and to keep the top the same. I about cried
when she took a 2 and shaved my entire head...I was so upset. So now
I'm basically a skinhead. That's why you didn't get a picture from me
last week :/ That night we went out with brother Jimenez! He is
awesome! He took us out to this Tex mex place and we had a ball with
him! He is probably my favorite member in the Sterling park ward.
Tuesday we had district meeting and I taught about our zone goals as
missionaries. We read out of helaman chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon.
It talks about two great missionaries and their miracles. I invite you
all to read it. That afternoon we went and did some service for this
little Vietnamese lady who's name is Hoa. She is a sweet little lady.
Haha her yard needed some serious work though. It took me forever to
mow that darn thing cause the lawn mower was taking a serious beating
haha. Elder Benard got caught moving like 100 of these big brick
things to her back yard hahaha it was pretty funny. She speaks such
broken English ha it's so adorable. She fed us this nasty old
watermelon and I about threw up. So when she wasn't looking I chucked
it behind her shed Hahahah. After our service we had to skip dinner
and go to the church because there was a youth baptism that the Ward
threw on us last minute. We filled up,the font and set up all the
chairs and made it look nice. We had a lesson at the church with our
investigator almumy. He is from Sierra Leone he is a very quite kid
but we are hoping he will get baptized like the rest of his family.
Wednesday we had some district service and met with a family who's
daughter just returned from the ft Collins mission. It was nice
getting to talk about Colorado. Thursday was a pretty tough day for
me. We went on exchanges with the ashburn zone leaders. They are cool
but we had nothing planned. It was rushed. We had a lesson with Syd at
the mall with a member of our ward. Syd didn't understand the
importance of why he needed to come to our church although we
explained it over 100000 times. We won't be meeting with him anymore
and it really broke me down. It was a hard night for me. I hate when
people deny salvation and the path to Jesus Christ. People have agency
though and can chose to act or be acted upon. I guess that's the
beauty of the gospel and of the plan of salvation... Friday we weekly
planned and then went out to work. About 6 we get a call from a member
of my district and he says his comp isn't feeling good and he needs to
stay in. I stayed the rest of the evening at the apartment with this
missionary asleep. It was brutal. When he woke up he told me all his
rejection stories of when he was at BYU hahaha. Saturday we play
soccer in the morning with a ton of non members. It's a lot of fun and
we also have a  good amount of missionaries that come play. After
soccer we had a lesson with Dave Marr about the gospel of Jesus Christ
(lesson 3) he loved it! I know he can make his October 1 baptismal
date. He is a great man! That night when we were tracting a ton of
young people started yelling at us. There were all super wasted. I
just laughed at them cause they are losers. Sunday was
interesting...Dave came to church and we taught gospel principals and
it went very well! The frickin elders quorum lesson didn't go so well
though. They talked about a lot of deep doctrine such as kolob and
many aspects of the fall. Yep. It was the complete storm. I was
worried for Dave. He dim fine though. He's such a stud! This week was
good and they just keep flying faster and faster. I'm shocked that I
turn 22 this I'm old compared to everyone in this mission.
Pretty crazy. Im glad I got through my struggles to come on a mission
and be an instrument in gods hands! Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Routsong

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