Monday, September 19, 2016

And Another One August 15, 2016

Friends and family!!

Hey! Hope your week was awesome! Another week down...time flies when
you work hard and are having fun! This week was so hot and humid I
thought my skin was going to melt off on Saturday...
This week was kinda slow because everyone decided that they were going
out of town or just straight up couldn't meet with us but we still
managed! On pday last week we played some basketball in centreville
which was a lot of fun. I'm getting better and better at it so
hopefully I can play some good pick up games when I'm back home hahah.
That night one of our members introduced us to his neighbor. His name
is Gaile and his wife is Kay. They are super friendly people. We dos
service for them all week. It was super fun getting to know Gaile he
is so funny! Tuesday we had zone training and we learned more about
being in unity with God and our mission. It was pretty neat. Something
I really liked is "it is better to be a Shepard and not a sheriff." It
sticks out to me cause honestly I'm a sheriff and I call people out on
dumb things rather than being patient with them and helping them
understand. Haha sometimes God just needs us to know things! It was
really cool. We also talked about patience with ourselves and with
gods timing. Seriously another one of my weaknesses... Hahahah zone
training was just for me I guess. After zone training I went on
exchanges with Elder Hild. He is awesome. Probably one of the funniest
kids in the mission he is such a goober! He is so smart when it comes
to the gospel so we had a very fun time out working that day. Our
member dinner was with one of my favorite families in the Sterling
ward. They are hilarious the Boehl family. Hahaha it's just like being
back home ha the things they talk about and they are so nice to the
missionaries. We left their house with two big bags of food! We have
to walk everywhere cause my bike is broken so it takes FOREVER. my
feet hurt. But the work still goes on! Wednesday we worked all day for
Gaile. We worked in the siding of his garage. We is replacing it all
with duroc. So it's a long process. Removing all the wood and hanging
it up takes forever. It was fun though. He isn't s member of the
church so we taught him a  few gospel principals as we worked. He also
had s neighbor there who's name is George. These are two old men haha
both over 65. They loved hanging out with us and we learned a lot from
them. They talked about classic rock and growing up in hippie
California and all this cool stuff ha. By the end of the day we were
so tired. We worked all day everyday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and
Friday. Hahaha we replaced all the siding and starred to paint. It so
some good labor! Friday morning was cool though! Elder King had a
doctor appointment in McLean so a senior couple came and took us to
the appointment and then to this really fancy restaurant after. It's
called Founding Farmers. It's the best food I've eaten out here. Holy
cow. Look up the place on the Internet. After working with Gaile and
George on Friday Ann and Ronnie Williamson from the tall cedars Ward
came and took me to Pf Chang's. We had such a fun time with them. I
love the Williamsons. They are my mission parents for sure. I love
them. Mom and dad I can't wait for you to meet them! Saturday was the
hottest day of my mission it was 95 with like high humidity. The
weather app said it felt like 115 outside. We mowed Eric's lawn in
that garbage. I almost passed out it was so hot my skin seriously felt
like it was going to melt. We read the Book of Mormon with Eric and he
loved it. Sunday was good too! We had Eric and Syd at church. Elder
King and I taught Sunday school a bout being honest in our dealings.
Syd loved the lesson. Elders quorum was the highlight of my week
though. Syds father passed away many years ago and he has always
wondered what he could do to help his father. Our lesson was on temple
work. God literally answered his question after all these years....he
teared up a little bit. It was amazing to see. We tried to put him on
date for September 10th but he is still nervous. It's okay! He is
learning! I love the gospel so much. Sometimes I forget the power that
it has on my life and in others lives. I'm grateful to be a missionary
and my mission has taught me so much about myself and how to overcome
trial! It's the hardest thing I've ever done but so worth it! Love you
Elder Routsong

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