Monday, September 19, 2016

HI! June 27, 2016

Friends and family!

Hello hello everyone! I have to say that this week was pretty darn
good. I think it's the blessings that I am getting from not being on
my family cruise right now;) hahaha but seriously this week was great.
Monday was such a good pday last week. We went to top golf and I was
with elder risenhoover my former companion. He is a stud. I love
hanging out with the guy. A member from the centreville Ward who is
the area director for the pest control company moxie paid for our top
golf and for food! So sick! I also got to throw some shot put in the
morning. Felt really good but my form was really bad! That night we
had a dinner with our member Jon and he invited his two non member
friends. We ate some really good pork the way that the Danish prepares
it. We taught jons friends about the Book of Mormon and invited them
to read it! They loved it!! Jon also burned a wicker Hilary Clinton
thing and yelled "BURN WITCH!" The whole time. Super freaking funny.
Monday was great. Tuesday we had district meeting and elder Merrill
had a surprise for us (elder Merrill suffers from aspergers and loves
to play with nerf guns) he is my favorite! We had a nerf war and
talked about comp unity hahaha. The rest of the day I was in exchanges
with the Spanish elders. Elder cottle is the man! We have a lot in
common so we for sure had a good time out finding! We ate some
saltenas which were mighty good! We taught several lessons in Spanish
too. I can sort of follow along but it's spotty. Elder cottle is a
great teacher I felt the spirit even while I couldn't understand the
language very well. We had so much fun though after the day was over
just talking and hanging out with the falls church elders. Wednesday
was awesome. We had a brunch with one of our members at the silver
diner. It was super good and we invited him to pass out a Book of
Mormon. I know he will do it. After the lesson we brought one of the
senior couples in the mission some flowers. I haven't bought flowers
in like 3 years so we asked the sisters for help haha sister Ito one
of the older missionaries loved them! Her and elder Ito are our
favorite senior couple! That night we taught Tiffany the word of
wisdom but she still won't commit to live it. We will have to drop
her. She also bought us some of the most disgusting pizza I've ever
eaten. It was so gross we just plastered it all of the sisters car
hahaha. Thursday we had exchanges with the Vienna elders. Elder
Murdock and I worked super hard. Being in a bike area is so crazy. We
met this lady named lexa who is living in a woman shelter and having s
baby in two weeks. When we taught her the spirit was so
was amazing. It was so awesome. Friday we spent most of the day
splitting wood for a bunch of people in McLean. It was awesome. We are
basically in charge of bringing firewood to a bunch of people in the
area. It's super hard work...but dang fun! We also taught Sam. He is
sick. He is a Muslim guy from Sudan but he is very interested in
learning about our church. He asked some awesome questions to us. We
are going to bring him to church next week. He also has two roommates
names Mohammad they are pretty cool too. Saturday was so sweet! We
moved this guy in McLean who isn't a member of the church. He had the
nicest house ever...I swear. He and his family we're super cool. We
had a finding fest the rest of the day. Our zone did a super good job.
Elder McCray and I were out tracting and this guy showed us his 1929
ford model A. It was awesome. He also had a Mafia style 1954 Cadillac.
Blacked out. So sweet. A member took us to chipotle I haven't had it
in it was mighty good. Sunday we had meetings all day. But
elder Calderwood of the quorum of the 70 was at our sacrament. He gave
his testimony and it was so amazing....after the meeting he ran up to
us and gave us a hug! He was so amazing. Truly called by God. I love
the leaders of the church. That's was the highlight of Sunday. I love
Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and loves us! Thank you all for
your love and support! Have a wonderful week

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