Monday, September 19, 2016

Transfer 4 in Langley June 6, 2016

Friends and family

Hello hello hello everybody. I hope that your week went really well!
Time is just moving on faster and faster. It seems like each Monday is
just a short time away. This week went pretty good. I still serving in
the Langley ysa Ward. When I am finished here I will have served for 6
months in Langley. God must be trying to teach me something about
singles wards and getting married hahahaha but I'll think about that
good stuff later. So for Monday of last week we didn't really do much.
I bought a sick new pair of running shoes and played just a few games
of basketball. It was Memorial Day and a member invited us and the
Tysons elders over for a bbq. It was awesome and the people were
totally crazy! Hahah that night we taught Tiffany with our Ward
mission leader Bentley. She has major concerns about the word of
wisdom. Bentley told her about his experience joining the church. The
lesson seemed to go well. We have been concerned for Tiffany cause she
has a lot going on and a lot of weird irrelevant questions. But we
keep trying! Tuesday we had district meetings and it was pretty
spiritual because we just had a brief testimony meeting. I loved the
missionaries in the district. We all had so much fun and were so
close. That afternoon we had to get a Tiwi put in our car. I was
pretty upset about that. That night we had a great member visit with a
guy named James. He is cool and I look forward to getting to know him
better. Tuesday night we got transfers....I honestly thought I was
going to leave. I won't lie...I was pretty upset I am staying in the
singles ward. I know that there is a reason I'm here though. This will
be the longest time I've spent in an area. Wednesday we had breakfast
with elder cline on his final day of the mission. It was sad. I'm
gonna miss that kid. He has been a great friend to me. Then my good
friend Marie took elder risenhoover and I out to lunch. She is such a
boss! She is literally the sweetest lady you will ever meet! That
night we went and taught Daniel. He is a good kid just really really
lost. He is 29 and just sits at home and plays super smash brothers.
We shared with him the "hope of gods light" video. It's so awesome.
About a guy who investigated the church for 2 years. It's a powerful
story. We applied it to him and told him that he needed to find
answers in his life. We had a member named Mikey there he did such a
good job befriending him. Thursday was transfer day. As zone leaders
this is literally the busiest day of the transfer. We ran so many
errands for everyone else! Dropping off bikes and suitcases all day!
It was exhausting. I got to see all my mission buddies though! Said
bye to elder cline and elder tesch. They will be missed and I can't
wait to see them again. I really hate when missionaries leave. It's
pretty sad. The highlight of Friday was we helped set up for the
Syrian refugee clothing drive. It was awesome! We worked so hard.
Saturday we helped out again at the refugee clothing drive and it was
a fun time. I always love being with the zone we are so close and have
so much fun joking around. Our most progressing and only investigator
Tiffany dropped us and we were pretty down in the dumps on Saturday
but things will work out and she wasn't ready. Life goes on I guess.
Sunday was good it was fast Sunday! I was just thinking about how God
loves me during the sacrament. It's so wonderful how he loves each of
us. His love is prefect and unchanging. We are so blessed to be able
to know that! Everything is going to be okay for us. There are always
good things to come. We just have to be patient (which is something I
am extremely bad at). This week was interesting and full of lots of
emotions. I'm grateful that I am serving and learning all this
valuable lessons for myself. I love each of you and am grateful for
your example to me and for your support and friendship! Have a
wonderful week!!
Elder Routsong

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