Monday, September 19, 2016

Third Transfer in Langley April 25, 2016

Friends and family!

Hello hello all! This week marks the start of my third transfer here
in the Langley young single adult Ward. I've learned a lot here haha.
Today also marks me being a missionary for 13 months. Pretty crazy how
fast time flies out here! I hope it is going fast back in Colorado!
Anyways, I'll go ahead and describe my week for you! Last Monday was a
good time hah we played football and the weather was a perfect sunny
and 75! I got sunburnt pretty badly though. We had FHE that night and
the Ward challenged elder Neyman and I to hide and seek. Elder Neyman
and I hid in the attic of the church and nobody could find us Hahahah.
Tuesday we had some training. I've taught like a thousand of these but
I always get so nervous for them. It went really well we talked about
mission standards. It was pretty good. I went on exchanges with former
Russian companion again. We taught this less active named Osmar. I
feel,really bad for him. He wants to come back to church but his
girlfriend won't let him. It was sad. That night we found
of,transfers. Elder vasilyev bought a ton of Taco Bell and pounded all
of it. I was impressed. I found out I have elder McCray as a new
companion! He is a cool kid from snowflake Arizona. Wednesday elder
Neyman packed the whole day and we talked to our new Ward mission
leader Bentley! He is awesome! He converted 2 years ago and loves
missionary work! Thursday we had transfers and I picked up elder
McCray. We had s meeting to introduce all the missionaries in the zone
then we went and dedicated a house! Pretty cool! We went to institute
that night. Friday we tracted this one place called circle towers for
literally 5 hours. We didn't see a single white person they were all
Islamic or Indian. I felt,like I was in another country... Saturday we
taught this gangsta named BLACK... HAHAHAHA seriously that's his real
name... I asked him is he ever heard about the Book of Mormon and he
said "isn't that the book where you do voodoo magic and sh**!?" Hahaha
I just sat there and said "nahhhh" he was cool with it. We will go
back and see him this week hahaha so funny. We also had a lesson with
a less active and we shared the talk "ladder day saints keep trying"
by elder Renlund. I invite you all to read that is literally
my favorite talk ever. Please read it. We tracted into this lady named
Lauren and she told us she wants her records removed from the church..
I was devastated. She was such a sweet person and knew the church was
true but felt like she couldn't live the standards. It was a sad
experience for me. Bishop will be meeting with her this week. My new
companion is elder McCray and he is a stud though! We are getting
along super well and having a ton of fun! It's been a good week! I
love each of you and am grateful for your examples in my life! Have a
great week!
Elder Routsong

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