Monday, September 19, 2016

Conference Week April 4, 2016

Friends and family

How is everyone doing this wonderful post conference weekend?! This
week was interesting for sure! Monday was a fun time we went to the
city to check out the cherry blossoms and they are so awesome! That
night we worked around the area but nobody was really nice to us!
Darn. We met this guy named Jeff who has a big American bulldog and it
bit the crap out of my hand. Tuesday we had district meeting and it
was a good time elder overstreet is a great district leader. The rest
of the day we went to ft belvoir on exchanges with the assistants. I
was with elder jones. We had a great time! We read the Book of Mormon
with this guy named Sam it was cool. We also handed out like 5 book of
Mormons it was fun! Wednesday was a darn fun day we had some service
in great falls area. The whole zone of 22 missionaries came to this
old ladies house and we mulched and cleaned up her yard. It was such a
great experience. Her name is Kathy and she is from England just a
sweet old lady! When we finished she said she wanted to pay all of
us...we kindly rejected and told her we love to serve! She was so
happy! Serving others is the best way to find happiness. That night we
had dinner with Bentley he is a stud. He took us to this place called
"we the pizza" it's mighty good. He taught us how to find people
interested in the church on Facebook. Thursday we did service for this
guy in the McLean 2 Ward. He was dope his house was so,nasty. Mom and
dad it reminded me of grandpa nagys house hahaha but anyways. Then I
went on exchanges with my buddy elder cline. He is sick. We did more
service for s lady In the Tysons Ward. We threw her couch off the
balcony. It was awesome. Friday we went to the office and delivered
car insurance to the zone it was boring. We also taught this kid named
sahir. He was this crazy Muslim kid we knocked into hahah but it was
good. He wasn't really interested but he was a cool kid. Saturday was
so sick.... So before I write about Saturday let me share with you an
email I received on Monday last week

"Hey Elder, my name is brandon, I am a Private First Class in the
Army,  stationed out of Fort Myer. I'm an inactive member from Utah.
I'm needing and wanting to regain that happy, peaceful loving feeling
I felt.
They say that the Savior is the key to comfort and peace, and I've
lost that comfort and peace.  Spiritually I need help.

If we could schedule a meeting that would be fantastic. Below is my
contact info, the best time to call is after 530pm"

I have been praying for people to teach... Waiting for the opportunity
to help somebody...anybody come closer to,the love of the savior.
Brandon is that person. We watched all sessions of conference with him
on Saturday. The first talk given by elder eyring was the perfect talk
for him...the lord was communicating with Brandon. I will never forget
Saturday. God loves all his children regardless of where you are
spiritually at....I testify of that.

Sunday we watched conference with some members at it was a fun time! I
also had the chance to see Milton! He is doing so well! He was doing
homework when I stopped by them was going to watch conference! I love
that kid so much! He is a rockstar!
this week was a good experience.

Thank you all for you examples! I love each of you and and grateful
for you love and support! Have a wonderful week!!
Elder Routsong

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