Monday, September 19, 2016

Orin Hatch July 12, 2016

Friends and family!!

Hey hey! Hope this week went by super great for all of you!! Mine was
pretty good! We worked hard and also had some really cool experiences!
Last pday we bowled and went to the airforce memorial to watch the
fireworks from DC! It was awesome but it was super rainy and cloudy so
we didn't really,get to see much of the show!,it was still super super
fun! Being in DC is so sweet on the 4th! Tuesday we had district
meetings and I went on changes with Bella vista and we tracted
forever! We also had a member who is planning to serve a mission. It
was a good experience! Wednesday the highlight was I went and threw
the discus with one of our gators! It was awesome! His name is
Benedict! He is such a beast! Throws the shot 62 feet! He is crazy. We
taught him about the Book of Mormon and faith! So Good! Thursday went
on exchanges and I was with elder Harding in Tysons. We tracted and
street contacted all day. We found three people and taught a few
lessons on the street it was probably one of the hottest and most
humid days of my mission. We were drenched in sweat cause we were on
foot. It was awesome. People were very nice and giving us water every
couple of doors we knocked. It was nice hitting the pillow that night
feeling exhausted. Friday we worked at a food pantry and had a great
time with all the people there. They brought in a ton of broken eggs
and we had to sort through them. It was super nasty... But always a
fun time! Saturday was sweet! Had breakfast with the high council and
then helped out at a baptism the sisters were having in our Ward! Kari
can hopefully take her to the temple when she comes to Colorado! It
was great! We've been working with a less active named gabe and we put
together a super smash brothers night for him along with the elders
quorum. So Saturday night was daaaang fun! We didn't get to play but
it was a blast being there. Sunday I said my goodbyes to everyone in
church and then on Monday we cut some wood and met with senator Orrin
G. Hatch. He is the most senior republican senator and third in line
to the presidency of the United States of America! He was powerful...
I loved getting the chance to meet him! This week was great! Today we
went to the zoo in DC! So dope! Sorry this email kinda sucks but my
pictures will probably be good!! Love you all!!!!!

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