Monday, September 19, 2016

Its Already August? August 1, 2016


Hello hello how are you all doing this wonderful week?! This week has
been super hot here in Virginia. Like record breaking heat...crazy
stuff man. We are killing elder Neyman this week he goes home on
Tuesday. Crazy stuff. We are going to miss him a lot. I'm grateful to
have had elder Neyman as my companion not once but twice! He is a
great missionary and I'm grateful for his patience with me and also
for his wonderful example that he is! I've learned so much from all my
This week was a little slower than most cause people wanted to say
goodbye to elder Neyman. But it was still a blast! And we had some
Monday of last week we played football and chilled for pday it was 110
degrees with about 80% humidity. It was straight crazy. We only played
football outside for like 30 minutes haha that night we taught piseth
and his mother. They are Cambodian. He is a member but his mom is not
we teach in English and he translates to kamir. It's pretty awesome.
Two of us taught and elder King was helping his daughter with math
homework haha blessings of being in a trio. Tuesday we had district
meeting and I taught about the atonement we all read out of the
testaments each account of the atonement. It was a good lesson! That
night we taught Syd. He is great but he is so long Winded! We taught
him the gospel again and he is so spiritual. Wednesday we helped a non
member move more of his stuff out to Haymarket. It was so much fun! We
really enjoy hanging out with David. We were moving some mirrors for
him and elder King stepped on one and totally broke it hahahaha he has
been known for breaking the Fredericks things. Haha David yells "OH NO
YOU DIDNT!" Haha it was so dang funny. We laughed it all off over some
slurpees after. Thursday was a dang hot day too. We went this guy
named Eric's house. He is dang funny. We mowed his lawn and read the
scriptures with him. Eric is a cool guy he just never comes to church.
We went with some members to this kabob place and ate some middle
Eastern food. It was mighty good but it didn't sit well with me so I
was feeling so sick. After dinner we taught Dave. He is our most
progressing investigator. He is incredible. He is ready for the gospel
because of all the hardship and trial he has gone through... Divorce,
alcoholic, barely gets to see his kids. He just wants to find
happiness..we talked about the atonement with him. It was starting to
make sense to him! Super spiritual lesson! Friday we taught the Perira
family. They are hilarious. We usually read the scriptures with them
and do some funny activity but we watched s video about hope with
them. They are a crazy but good family we love spending time with
them! We also helped and inactive family set up their sons birthday
party. We must have filled like a thousand water balloons for them.
They darn kids kept throwing them while we're trying to fill them!
Elder Neyman was getting so ticked haha. Saturday was awesome. My good
friends Eder and Brenda from the Langley ward came and took me out to
dinner! I love spending time with them. They made me miss that place
so much. I love the members of the Langley Ward!! I hate how sometimes
in life we don't have the best attitudes about our circumstances but
then we look back and realize we learned so much from our experiences
and it wasn't even really that bad. That was my time in the singles
ward. I love that place. That night we went and helped a member of our
Ward clean his gun collection. should see what this guy
has... It's so sick! Elder King put on this tactical vest and he
smacked elder King with a hammer! It was dang funny. Church was good
on Sunday we had no investigators show up we were a little
disappointed but that's just life on the mission I guess. Elder Neyman
had to pack the rest of the day. We are sad to see him leave on
Tuesday morning. This week was good. I've been thinking a lot lately
about how merciful the savior is. Countless times we fail again and
again. Showing our weakness again and again. I'm so grateful that he
has patience with me and my mistakes. I love the savior and have felt
his redeeming mercy in my life. Sometimes it's hard to recognize but
it is always there. If we pray for forgiveness and guidance the lord
will multiply our efforts to help us progress. His love is infinite
for us. Have a great week everyone! Thank you for all your love and
Elder Routsong

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