Monday, September 19, 2016

Cya Elder Elder Neyman August 8, 2016

Friends and family!

Hey! How is everyone doing?! This week was pretty good. Elder Neyman
went home on Tuesday so it's weird not being in a trio anymore. He is
doing pretty good though. Elder King and I have been having a lot of
fun and working hard. Monday of last week we had zone activity. We had
this huge nerf war in the gym. It was a lot of fun. It was a good Last
pday for Neyman. That night we said bye to a couple members and
everyone was feeding us. It was awful. We always loaded up neymans
plate to tick him off haha so dang funny. He knocked his last door and
it was so crazy. The lady accepted a Book of Mormon and we are going
to send the Spanish missionaries over soon. President came to our
apartment and interviewed him before going home. Tuesday morning we
woke up at 3 a.m. To help bring neymans stuff to the car. I was so
dead tired. Later that morning I taught district meeting on how to
live our purpose as missionaries inviting others to come unto Christ.
It was pretty good. Elder King and I walked like 8 miles to work in
our area. It was a good day though. We taught Syd about how families
can be together forever. We brought a recent convert with us and he
was asking him so many good questions. Syd is finally started to
understand the gospel. Wednesday elder King was sick. We couldn't go
out and work. Thursday we had mission leadership council. All the
district and zone leaders go to this meeting and talk about the goals
and needs of the mission. We got to hear from president and sister
huntsman and usual! I love hearing from them. Sister huntsman talked a
lot about having patience. She mostly touched on having patience with
ourselves. It was exactly what I needed to hear I was being wayyy to
hard on myself lately! We also got to hear from their son who just got
home from his mission in France. He was so spiritual. He talked about
"why we should use our time wisely" when we use time wisely we are
doing the will of Heavenly Father. He also touched on "burying our
weapons of war" like the anti-Nephi-Lehis. Since he spoke to us I have
been trying to think what my "weapons of war are" I know we all have
things that hold is back and things we struggle with but God will help
us bury them and never bring them back. He helps us as we access his
atonement daily! Yeah Mlc was wonderful I learned so much. Friday we
walked and tracted a lot. The very last door we knocked on was this
lady named Sonya. She knows a less active member of our Ward. We are
trying to teach her over there so hopefully it happens! Saturday we
played soccer with our investigator Almumy. He is so dang good at
soccer and I suck so bad at soccer. Hahaha we also mowed a less
actives lawn and then fixed my bike. We knocked more doors. This old
dude answered the door shirtless and all hairy. He kept yelling "OFF"
really loudly at his dog haha we started talking to him and he said he
was atheist. And that we are snake dancers...BAHAHA. What the heck? It
was so funny. Sunday we had church and we talked about some pretty
deep doctrine. Syd was there and he completely loved it. We were
walking around later yesterday night and these girls almost hit me
with their car. They roll down the window and say "do you think that
black lives matter?" I was like "yeah we are all God children" then
they hand me their iPhone and tell me to put in our phone number haha
I did. They text us later and say that they are all Jewish and come
from the tribe of Judah. Hahahaha it was so weird. Another guy I
stopped on the street told me not to talk about Jesus on the streets
cause it's disrespectful........I wanted to tell him that Christs
entire ministry was preaching in the streets....oh some people just
don't understand hahaha thank you everyone for you support and love.
It keeps me going every day. I love this gospel and I am grateful for
my savior Jesus Christ. He is my best friend and he has blessed me
with so much. I know he lives. Have a great week everyone!!
Elder Routsong

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