Monday, September 19, 2016

Virginia April 18, 2016

Friends and family!

Hello hello! How is everyone doing this week?! Things in Virginia just
keep on rolling. These Monday's seem to just come and go so quickly. I
can't believe how fast time is moving. This week we had a few good
teaching opportunities! Monday of last week we didn't really do
anything exciting just played basketball and hungout. It was nice to
relax though. Monday night the Ward had FHE and us and the sister
missionaries combined had 4 investigators there. It was awesome! This
singles ward does a really good job at helping people feel comfortable
and not intimidated in church settings. We all talked about general
conference and then we taught our investigator Fatih about the Book of
Mormon! It was pretty awesome and he was asking great questions!
Tuesday was district meetings in the morning and we went to Taco Bell
with elder v haha it's so funny a Russian kid ordering Mexican food oh
my gosh. After lunch I went on exchanges with elder Escobar. He is s
good guy! He is in the Spanish program and this was his first English
exchange! He saw it all haha we got kicked out of an apartment complex
and an investigator named Carly dropped us haha I felt so bad cause
the Spanish program is so different than the English. But we had a
good time other than that! Wednesday nothing really happens I was sick
Wednesday and Thursday so that kinda sucked. But our investigator
Tiffany attended institute so that was pretty awesome! She is really
adjusting to the Ward! Friday we had lunch with this guy named ric
tally he is pretty awesome! He is a convert in the Alexandria 3 Ward!
He is great! We also taught Alejandro a less active and the lesson
went really well we helped him set a goal to get to the temple so I
was excited about that!! Saturday was a great day though! Had a
meeting with the area 70 about the new church app called just serve.
We as missionaries will be using it a lot just to serve other people!
It was great! After the meeting we met with Brandon carter! The less
active guy from Utah. I shared with him about my life before the
mission and how hard it was for me to chose to serve. It was a
spiritual lesson he is inspiring to me!  That night we had dinner with
Bentley and Eder and Brenda all newer members and Bentley taught a
temple prep class it was great! Sunday morning we woke up and helped
Bentley prank some of his office workers. They switched his desk
around so Bentley took us to his office and we pranked the entire
place! We moved every desk around! It was great...I haven't pranked in
awhile. Church was great too! Bentley is our new Ward mission leader!
So I'm pumped about That! This week was good I'm working hard and
looking forward to more great experiences!! Love you all have a great
week! Sorry this email was kinda lame!
Elder Routsong

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